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Charisma HCM Course Builder is a cloud-based, e-learning authoring platform that brings your team closer together to develop dynamic, interactive content. Create, share and collaborate in real-time, using one technology and toolset. Subject matter experts, graphic designers, business managers, translators, people within your team and external partners are able to quickly find and reuse content developed anywhere in your organization.

Charisma HCM Course Builder is ideal for all types of e-learning including online courses, quizzes, tests and assessments, software simulations, interactive games, and PowerPoint conversions. The platform is based on an advanced service-oriented architecture and delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), making it a safe, reliable future-proof investment.

Key Facts
  • Compelling. Makes it easier to create interesting content that gets people motivated to learn
  • Fast and simple. Helps virtual teams produce content faster with simpler ways to communicate, coordinate, and control complex processes
  • Reduces cost. Lowers costs by keeping pictures, animations, videos and learning segments organized so they can be found and reused across the organization
  • Multinational. Helps you gain control over lots of content including multiple language versions and localizations
Financial and operational benefits

Intuitive user interface
WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editing and step-by-step menus guide you along and make it easy to create advanced, engaging content.
A wide range of production templates
Templates makes it easy to create engaging and interactive content, from quizzes and exams, true/false questions and multiple-choice questions to free form text fields, hotspot interactions, drag and drop matching exercises, and open ended answers and simulations.
A unique and secure media library
The media library allows you to find, store and save files and elements efficiently, saving you time by reducing repetitive tasks.
Clear and flexible re-use of features
Highly scalable, Charisma HCM Course Builder enables a large amount of digital assets and files to be stored, shared or copied within or between modules, reducing production time and increasing the effective re-use of content.
Advanced quality assurance and workflow systems
Comprehensive and configurable workflow ensures complete control of review processes and permit easy tracking and documentation of feedback.
World-class language functionality for translation and localization of content
Every language is supported for use with text, navigation buttons and all other points of user interaction, allowing any language to be selected, and replacing media elements directly into a master copy of the course.
CBVoice for high-quality synthetic voice-overs
Automatically generate and add high-quality voiceovers for e-learning courses without the need to manually record and implement sound files. With just a few mouse-clicks, you can now add voice-over to any course at any time.
Support for accessible content
Charisma HCM Course Builder provides authors with unparalleled functionality to create accessibility compliant courses quickly and easily, including full support for assistive technologies, with interactive exercises and tests.


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