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Why HR Analyzer

HR managers, IT specialists or employees who must deliver regular reports must often deal with uncertainty when submitting major business performance indicators.

The potential development of a business is greatly defined by the availability of staff to build interactive reports. Reports are now the most important support for the decisions taken by companies - this tool is an asset that can benefit both the top management and the line managers.
Charisma HR Analyzer is an elegant solution designed for real time business reporting throughout the entire decision chain. By exploring data, each user gets a better understanding of the trends behind them and take decisions without any compromise caused by the lack of information. Reports can later be discussed with colleagues or superiors for a complete understanding of HR challenges the company is currently facing.
HR reports are built based on two main components: dimensions (qualitative data) and measures (quantitative data):
Financial and operational benefits
Complete reporting on the entire decision making process
Whatever the role of key actors in the human resources activity (executives, HR directors or managers), Charisma HR Analyzer provides complete information for all categories of decision makers. Raw data, comprehensive reports or synthetic statements containing the most important staff performance indicators enable HR directors who make decisions based on indicators clearly formulated.
Quick primary reports
Raw HR data are collected after a simple initial setup for reports generation, whether from internal or external sources. FTE employee overview, development headcount, personnel costs or salaries budget reports are generated in just a few minutes by simply updating the data regularly:
  • Employed status - active, leave, suspended;
  • Absenteeism - location, time, number of people;
  • Work schedule - age, days absent, number of
  • people.
Full picture for the HR director
The information collected in the first stage of the process are analyzed in great detail to extract the performance indicators or to analyze deviations from the planned courses of action:
  • Total employed, equivalent to FTE and distribution on groups such as management, staff, employees of the company, part-time or leasing system;
  • Internal or external staff rotation on cost centers: OUT - to other departments or outside the company, IN - from other departments or new comers;
  • Costs of wages incurred by main components (taxes, benefits, insurance, bonuses, holidays, commissions, expatriates), recruitment and development programs for employees;
  • Management of worked hours on each cost center: hours paid or unpaid, sick leaves, days off and their equivalent in costs, indicators of the deviation from the budgeted costs or necessary provisions for future payments.
Precise business scenarios
Management has a complete picture of HR indicators creating a faithful representation of the dynamics and challenges faced by the company’s staff. Charisma HR
Analyzer allows you to easily update periodic reports (weekly, monthly, yearly); such reports can be webdefined for easy access regardless of user location. It also generates particular data sets to develop new indicators and statistical summaries based on existing results.


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