The right training programme allows you to deliver against your skill and competency needs by aligning training programmes to individual needs, corporate objectives and available budgets and resources.
Training module helps the company motivate the employees and secure their commitment by showing that you value them enough to invest in their future. The solution helps you create and manage an efficient, cost-effective learning culture, based on identified personal and company needs.
Training module enables you to transform needs and requirements into specific training measures. The integrated reporting system and advanced evaluation methods help you control training costs, focus training needs, evaluate effectiveness and allocate your resources effectively.
HR professionals benefit from extensive analysis options and an overview of all employee and participant training histories. The solution provides support for coaching, mentoring, job rotation, on and off the job training, as well as other learning formats. Employees can request relevant training activities using an online catalogue, with managers approving or amending requests.

Financial and operational benefits


Empowers the employees
Self-managing a personal development plan allows your workforce to select development activities that match identified training needs and take a more active role in development planning and maintaining professional certifications.
Measures success
Monitors individual progress against benchmarks, ensuring that all employees, managers, HR and training teams understand key performance indicators.
Streamlines the process
Reduces administrative effort with workflow management for scheduling and automated correspondence, and bulk nomination of training participants using filter functionality.
Meets budgets
Allocates training costs accurately to improve cost and quality control.
Analyzes and reports
Integrated reporting and advanced evaluation and feedback methods enable administrators, supervisors and employees to manage training requirements proactively.
Promotes training
An easily accessible training catalogue and self service functions for managers and employees encourage them to find and select just the right development activities, with an integral approval process.
Increases relevance
Defines internal training needs based on recommendations suggested by the Skills and Competency Management module.


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