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Talent Management


The assets of an enterprise can perhaps be divided into two parts: its people, and everything else.
In recognition of the importance of human assets to an enterprise, a subject now given stark new importance with the global economic crisis, we decided to come in support of HR professionals through the most powerful talent management system on the market, Charisma HCM Talent Management.
Some of the customers who use Talent Management

The solution comprises 6 seamlessly integrated modules, which are aligned with the world’s most efficient HR practices:
The deployment of a talent management system will lead to major improvements in employee engagement, retention and increase overall company performance, labor productivity, the propensity for innovation and capacity to develop new skills.
Do you know what your company's talent need in the upcoming years? How will you reward high performing employees? What are the future gaps in the skills of your workforce? How will you measure the results achieved and your company-wide compensation strategies? Do employees know where their career is heading?
These are questions that our customers receive a response to each time they use Charisma HCM Talent Management system. We invite you to discover the ways in which we can support you to lead your company to the highest level of performance.
Why Choose a Talent Management Software? | Charisma HCM

Why Charisma HCM Talent Management

Charisma HCM Talent Management is the result of many years of experience gained by supporting companies in the capitalization of human capital. We managed to combine advanced features with vertical expertise, so that Charisma HCM Talent Management would ensure a unique experience for all users.

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Talent Management software - Performance management | Charisma HCM

Performance Management

Performance Management module transforms the traditional performance review, aligning the individual goals of employees to the organization’s strategic objectives. Managers and employees work together to define, review, measure and update objectives, anywhere, anytime, through intuitive, Internet-based self-service portals.

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Compensation management - Talent Management Software | Charisma HCM

Compensation Management

Compensation Management module provides executives, managers and HR teams with the tools and insights to develop attractive, competitive and motivating compensation structures at all levels, based on both market comparisons (e.g.: salary surveys) and corporate objectives.

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Skills & Competency - Talent Management Software| Charisma HCM

Skills and Competency Management

Identifying and placing people in the right position at the right time dramatically increases their motivation and reduces retention risk, avoiding recruitment costs, disruption and loss of critical knowledge.

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Talent Management Software - Training | Charisma HCM


Training module helps the company motivate the employees and secure their commitment by showing that you value them enough to invest in their future. The solution helps you create and manage an efficient, cost-effective learning culture, based on identified personal and company needs.

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Talent Management - Career & Succession Planning | Charisma HCM

Career and Succession Planning

Career & Succession Planning module manages every step of the career and succession planning process, tracking information about people’s future potential, past performance, career aspirations and retention risk.

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Talent Management - 360 Feedback | Charisma HCM

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback helps individuals become more aware of their behaviors and actions. It helps them to channel their focus on building upon personal strengths and on improving areas requiring development. Feedback is tracked via multi-sourced, confidential assessments from all relevant sources, including supervisors, peers, subordinates, partners or customers.

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Learning Gateway - Talent Management Software | Charisma HCM

Learning Gateway

Charisma HCM Learning Gateway is a powerful, cloud-based learning management system for organizations of all sizes. It provides a flexible and comprehensive system for delivering and managing sophisticated learning programs.

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eLearning Course Builder

Course Builder

Charisma HCM Course Builder is a cloud-based, e-learning authoring platform that brings your team closer together to develop dynamic, interactive content. Create, share and collaborate in real-time, using one technology and toolset.

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"... Charisma TM allows me to generate reports immediately, while offering the possibility to see a constant status of the employees who did not perform their self-evaluation. Therefore, I can send them an individual reminder notice. The statistics I can obtain are more diverse, more detailed and do not require processing time. ..."
Nicoleta Gherman,
Performance Management Manager
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