The Reports Module retrieves from the company's database relevant information in formats adapted to user requirements.

Some of the customers who use the Reports module

    telekom     Fan Curier

Financial and operational benefits

  • Ensures a comprehensive view on the dynamics of the Human Resources department.
  • Quickly generates any report regarding the operations of the Human Resources department - payroll, employee data, timesheet, etc.
  • Analyzes key HR performance indicators such as department's efficiency and performance.


  • Generates reports adapted to user requirements and according to their access rights.
  • Automatically configures the format and the content of reports according to different categories: HR, payroll, access time sheet etc.
  • Exports all reports in any  other external application for futher processing;

  • The intuitive interface allows users to build their own reports.

  • Generates a complex set of standard reports:
    • Human resources 
    • The updated list of employees;
    • The planning of annual rest leaves;
    • Individual employment contracts;
    • Addendums;
    • Promotion reports;
    • Employee training plan;
    • Performance assessment;
    • Personal record;
    • Title and salary history;
    • Turnover report;
    • Headcount report;
    • Length of service certificates.
  • Payroll reports
    • Payroll registry;
    • Payrolls;
    • Medical certificates;
    • Withholding list;
    • Sick leave payrolls;
    • Pay slips;
    • Health statements;
    • FNUASS statements.
  • Access - Timesheet reports
    • Shift attendance report;  
    • The report regarding the travels outside the company (private or personal);
    • The employee attendance report by department, profit/cost center;
    • The global working hours;
    • Monthly reports;
    • Individual timesheet record.

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