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Efficiently managing a very large resume database, recording the potential internal and external candidates, selecting the applicants by well determined criteria and automatically retrieving from the system the resumes posted on the company's Website or on third party Websites are at the heart of a successful recruitment process.
A software solution that covers all these features is essential for human resources professionals, given that is leverages routine tasks, enabling them to focus on key elements of the recruitment process such as selection, interview, negotiation etc.

Some of the customer who use the Recruitment Module


Financial and operational benefits
Increases the productivity of the recruitment process 
The application allows quick access to detail, correct and updated information about applicants, thus eliminating the time wasted on searching large databases.
Helps identifying the best candidate
The solution provides the Human Resources department with all the information regarding the experience and skills of the applicant, placing him/her at the heart of the recruitment process.
Reduces or completely eliminates the routine tasks
The application eliminates redundant data, allowing HR specialists to focus on key stages of the recruitment process: selection, interview and negotiation. Thus, the employment process is sped up by 35%.
Ensures tracking the applicants during the entire recruitment process
The internal customers of the recruitment process can view any time the recruitment status, the candidate shortlist, their profiles, providing quick access to each applicant’s history.
  • Automatic forwarding of resumes posted on the Website in the recruitment module after an offline preliminary validation. In case the applicant already has a resume in the database and applies for a new job, his/her resume is not recorded once again, but, after its validation, is assigned to the new position;
  • Allows the import of resumes from third party sources such as recruitment Websites and agencies;
  • Updates the existing resumes by providing the possibility to upload them in document formats (.doc, .pdf or scanned image);
  • Advanced search features by composite criteria or attributes: foreign language, past experience);
  • Allows defining recruitment projects/sessions: project start date, deadline for resumes, project commission etc.;
  • Automatically manages the available jobs and the number of vacancies taking into account the vacancies at a certain moment, but also the occupied positions;
  • Defines recruitment costs: recruitment fees, job fairs' attendance fee, recruitment advertising fees;
  • Automatic alerts on portal/ email about the vacancies in the company (the list of the jobs on the Internet can differ from the list on the Intranet used within the company);
  • Possibility to define projects only for external or internal applicants, or mixed projects that can be accessed both by external and internal applicants;
  • The internal applicants are able to track the status of their application until the end of the project; they receive notifications about the interviews and their results;
  • For internal recruitment, certain data in the human resources and payroll modules can be automatically accessed by the recruitment team (e.g. the current benefit package).
  • Possibility to define preliminary selection criteria - from the entire list of applications, only those who achieve a minimum score established in the selection grid will qualify for the next stage.
  • Ensures a complete set of documents and KPIs specific to the recruitment process:
    • The resume – print version;
    • The offer for the applicant;
    • The number of applications by origin source;
    • The duration of the recruitment process by project (intermediate durations of subprocesses: interviews, selections etc.);
    • Estimate of the recruitment process duration based on the history;
    • The number of applicants selected for the interview;
    • Form for response letter.

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