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Personal Data

The Personal Data module covers all aspects related to the human resources management, from defining a company's organization to detailed information on employees, performance and their evolution, professional education and recruitment processes.

 Some of the customers who use Personal Data module

    telekom Fan Curier

Financial and operational benefits

A better organization at department and organization level
The solution provides a clear overview of the organizational and hierarchical structure of the company.
Quick access to updated information
The Human Resources department has quick access to a unique database, updated in real time, that includes all the relevant information about the company's employees.
Provides complete employee information
The solution allows any specific information about the employee to be added: personal files attachments, previous jobs, performance evaluations, etc.

  • Enables the clear determination of department structure and the connections between them, also ensuring the possibility to change them in the organizational structure of the company.
  • Manages the hierarchical structure of the company, allowing the generation of four different types of organizational chart that is automatically edited from any of its nodes. The organization hierarchy can be graphically generated without external applications.
  • Manages human resources information necessary for all HR processes:
    • Personal information (address, marital status, etc.)
    • Information regarding education, qualifications and certifications
    • Financial information (salaries, benefits, medical insurance, bank account, associated costs)
    • Information regarding the professional career path (application, professional experience, current position, assessments, internal applications)
    • Information regarding the employment contract, the employment record history;
    • Information regarding rest leaves and sick leaves
    • Information about the employee's projects
  • Enables the automatic retrieval of individual employment contracts, addenda or various certificates;
  • Ensures the possibility to change the employee information in advance (contract changes regarding the positions, base salary, rules);
  • Covers the company's whole performance management process. The high degree of configurability of the application allows the definition of specific assessment criteria and methods, as well as to implement standard schemes used in the international practice.

  • Tracks the employee performance programs: evaluations and goals. The complete performance programs history is saved for each employee.
  • Tracks training sessions from various points of views such as course structure, organizational details, costs associated to each attendee or total costs.
  • Manages budgets and provides forecasts regarding the expenses related to the employees training.
  • Occupational Medicine - Manages the information about employees' medical examinations or tests (past and planned) and their general health condition.

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