The Payroll module is completely configurable in terms of formulas, types of salaries, allowances, bonuses, medical and rest leaves, deductions.

Some of the customers who use the Payroll module

    telekom Fan Curier

Financial and operational benefits

Speed and accuracy in the payroll calculation
The module enables complex configurations that address the payroll needs of national or multinational companies of any size, as well as public institutions. The solution generates both standard reports and reports adapted to these organizations' needs, as well as all the documents specific to this process.
High flexibility of payroll calculation approach
The module enables to change salaries or rules during the month, providing the flexibility of any punctual decision, without affecting the general payroll process within the organization. Furthermore, you can access a series of completely configurable reports that can be generated in the format most convenient to the company's needs.

Integrates legislative changes directly in the application
It's our team's responsibility to provide you with the necessary consultancy and implementation of new legislative changes that affect your business.


  • Ensures the base for the whole payroll calculation process - the application is completely parameterized regarding the calculation formulas, salary types, pay rises, premiums (as fixed net or gross amount, in RON or in a foreign currency), sick leaves, rest leaves, withholdings (taxes due by the employee and by the employer to state, other types of check-offs).
  • Enables the gross salary calculation and the taxes incurred by the company starting with the net salary expressed in RON or in any foreign currency (user-defined).
  • Makes available all the standard reports specific to any payroll application, such as salary advances, clearance, sick leaves, rest leaves, pay slips, correlation checklists, summaries, salary expenses.
  • Configures individually the bonuses provided by the company and their formulas: seniority, loyalty, management, special working conditions, confidentiality.
  • Compliant with the confidential terms of the salary policy: provides the possibility to print pay slips on secured paper. In addition, pay slips can be sent via e-mail or SMS with security passwords.
  • Provides a complete overview of the salary status of any employee: bonuses, taxes, health insurances.
  • Ensures the salary calculation starting from the actual number of worked hours, recorded into the timesheet and automatically transferred into the system.

  • Enables the automatic transfer of debts from one month to another and provides the ability to generate reports regarding their history, regardless the selected period.

  • Enables to import and export data from/to other applications, to integrate the application with other accounting systems: PeopleSoft, SAP, SUN, Scala, MFGPro, Charisma ERP, REVISAL etc.;
  • Tracks expenses per cost centers.

  • Enables bulk operations on employee sets (e.g.: timesheets, bonuses, indexing, etc.).
  • Ensures salary calculation according to the conditions enforced by the holding structure of the company.
  • Plans the salary budget by creating scenarios – hypothetical data can be entered and then the new total costs or the costs per employee can be viewed.
  • Ensures automatic calculation of the compensations for rest leaves and sick leaves.
  • Provides the possibility to transfer the salary and other incomes into a bank account.
  • Automatic generation of the accounting notes, as well as payment orders.
  • Keeps salary records in a multi-currency system.
  • Automatically generates the 112 Statement (xml file)and sends it to ANAF for validation. At the end of the process, the file contains the electronic signature.

  • Provides the possibility to report multiple monthly statements regarding the payroll.
    • The initial reporting;
    • The reporting at the end of the month 
    • The reporting after 5 working days from the end of the month.

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