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Organizational chart

The organizational chart is a management tool that brings a fresh overview of the company's organization structure. Its interactive format, which invites users to in-depth data navigation, provides benefits to companies of any size or complexity.

Some of the customers who use the Organizational Chart module


Management tool

  • New vision of the organization of the company in an interactive format that invites users to in-depth exploration 
  • Independent of the activity sector, complexity or size of the organization
  • Interactive visual perspective on the entire company
    • Divisions, departments, support & retail positions
  • Reporting history on each employee
    • Shows the history of the reporting activity for each employee in the company
  • Quick search features
    • e-mail, employment date, birth date, age, marital status, PIN etc.

Navigation scenarios
  • General organization chart
    • Divisions, functional departments and company support structures are presented in a single interactive display that enables in depth navigation depending on the user's access level

  • Possibility to view individually all departments
    • Each department of the company can be explored in detail according to the local organization, with the possibility of defining new departments on spot
  • Reporting history for each employee
    • On clicking on any employee, users can easily see the entire hierarchical structure starting with the company's general manager, and the number of subordinates
    • Information available: e-mail, date of hire, date of birth, age, marital status, PIN

  • Advanced filter
    • The filter area allows successive addition of search terms to employees such as name, ID, email, date of employment, marital status etc.
    • The search results generated are displayed directly on the filter and the organization chart (see below in red).
  • Navigation and data export
    • When viewing departments, users can also navigate in depth the organizational structure, up to functional level
    • The search results generated can be exported according to the information of interest

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