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Occupational Medicine

The Occupational Medicine module manages the information about the employees' medical visits, the medical tests they took or should take, as well as information about all their medical problems.

Some of the customers who use the Occupational Medicine software

Fan Curier 

Financial and operational benefits

Permanent monitoring of employee health condition
The solution permanently monitors the health condition of all employees and ensures they perform the regular medical exams. Occupational accidents are recorded highlighting the circumstances, effects on victims, financial aid and all elements required for a proper registration of a work accident;

Control and transparency 
The solution ensures a complete overview of the information directly related to occupational medicine. Thus, keeping a history of all incidents and prevention decisions will reduce and avoid future working accidents.

Reduces the time needed to run occupational medicine operations
The module quickly records, monitors and reports the specific information through the notification system and ensures the reiteration of expired medical tests.


  • Manages information about the medical visits of the employees, about the medical tests they have taken or should take, and about all the medical problems they have.
  • Monitors the health condition of the employees, thus preventing professional diseases.
  • Manages medical exams at the time of employment, medical exams for adaptation, regular medical exams and medical exams for resuming the activity.
  • Defines sets of medical tests that can be attached to employee groups, directly to employees or by their positions.
  • Records all the information related to the medical tests:  the date and the medical clinic where they were taken, the validity end date and their status.
  • Allows to set up lists and sets of medical tests, medical clinics and status of the medical tests, while these can be expanded or restricted when needed.
  • Automatically notifies the validity end date of employees' medical tests, as well as the list of medical tests that have to be taken by certain employees.
  • Keeps the track of the working accidents according to specific parameters: type of the accident, consequences, details regarding injuries, causes and circumstances of the accident, hospitalization and the afferent inspector.
  • Keeps track of medical exams and employee diseases, by recording the following information: risk name (list of risks), required medical exam and periodicity of the medical exam, type, name, and code of the medical condition, medical recommendation, validity end date, the result of the medical exam - whether the employee is fit to work or not.

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