HR Analyzer Software - Charisma HCM

HR Analyzer

Charisma HR Analyzer allows all company professionals, be they executives, HR directors or managers to analyze and understand human resources indicators much faster than any other solution, and with minimal resources and costs.

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Talent Management Software - Charisma HCM

Talent Management

The deployment of a talent management system will lead to major improvements in employee engagement, retention and increase overall company performance, labor productivity, the propensity for innovation and capacity to develop new skills.

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Personal Data Module - Software HR | Charisma HCM

Personal Data

The Personal Data module covers all aspects related to the human resources management, from defining a company's organization to detailed information on employees, performance and their evolution, professional education and recruitment processes.

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Human resources software - Payroll | Charisma HCM


Payroll software has been especially designed to automate and facilitate the payroll processes within companies of different sizes or complexity, regardless the business field or the headcount. Its role is to eliminate a great part of the time consuming routine tasks that the payroll calculation implies and also to ensure this process accuracy.

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Human resources software - ITM module | Charisma HCM


The ITM module generates periodically the files that must be submitted to the labour inspectorates according with the legislation in force.

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112 Statement Module - HR Software | Charisma HCM

112 Statement

Includes all features necessary for uploading, checking and generating the 112 Statement to the State budget.

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Human resources software - Occupational Medicine | Charisma HCM

Occupational Medicine

The Occupational Medicine module manages the information about the employees' medical visits, the medical tests they took or should take, as well as information about all their medical problems.

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Human resources software - Reports | Charisma HCM


The Reports Module retrieves from the company's database relevant information in formats adapted to user requirements.

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Bank Certificates Module - Software HR | Charisma HCM

Bank certificates

The Bank Certificates module ensures automatic certificate-issuing for 17 banks in Romania by acquiring the necessary information directly from the Personal Data and Payroll modules. Thus, human errors are completely eliminated and non-quality costs associated with the HR department’s activity are significantly reduced.

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Audit Module - Software HR | Charisma HCM


The Audit module allows tracking the activity of all users operating in Charisma HCM and provides a set of reports that identifies both database changes and users involved.

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Human Resources Software - Portal Module | Charisma HCM

HCM Portal

The solution eliminates HR time consuming activities by retrieving automatically information such as rest leaves, performance evaluations, training sessions, certificates, timesheets etc.

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Human Resources Software - Access Timesheet | Charisma HCM

Time & Attendance Module

The solution records the flow of people entering/ exiting the company and centralizes the employees' working hours through integrated access systems such as tourniquets, gates, barriers etc.

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Human resources software - Budgets | Charisma HCM


The Budgets module provides all the necessary features to generate the payroll budgets, as well as various benchmarking reports.

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Human resources software - Alerter | Charisma HCM


The Alerter module notifies the events or actions that need to be performed in a given time interval and keeps users alerted on the company's major events.

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Software for Human Resources - Recruiting | Charisma HCM


Efficiently managing a very large resume database, recording the potential internal and external candidates, selecting the applicants by well determined criteria and automatically retrieving from the system the resumes posted on the company's Website or on third party Websites are at the heart of a successful recruitment process.

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Human resources software - Document Management | Charisma HCM

HR Document Management

The HR Document Management module is seamlessly integrated with the current company workflow and provides a comprehensive management of HR documents such as time sheets, administrative documents, certificates, employee worksheets, contracts, certifications and diplomas.

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Organizational chart - Software HR | Charisma HCM

Organizational chart

The organizational chart is a management tool that brings a fresh overview of the company's organization structure. Its interactive format, which invites users to in-depth data navigation, provides benefits to companies of any size or complexity.

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