The ITM module generates periodically the files that must be submitted to the labor inspectorates according to the legislation in force.

 Some of the customers who use the ITM module

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Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the time needed for the reporting process
The solution automatically generates the reports and instantly identifies any change registered from one month to the next.

Eliminates human errors
Any inconsistency identified in the employee data is removed and notified to the decision making bodies Additionally, the module removes the errors occurred as a result of legal changes, thus ensuring the compliance with the applicable law. All the legal updates are done in real time.

Complete overview of all the reports submitted to ITM

The history of all the reports to ITM can be viewed any time. The product provides advanced search filters, enabling to find the needed information and to minimize the routine time consuming tasks.


  • Generates all the files that must be submitted to Territorial Working Inspectorates, according to the applicable law (e.g. the registry in electronic format).
  • Checks automatically the files to be submitted. certain checking keys are provided, and the files will be generated only after the validation of all the checking keys by the system.
  • Regularly generates the files related to the registry, according to the specifications issued by Labor Inspection.
  • Defines different employers that can be mapped with legal entities, locations, business units or other organizations defined in Charisma HCM, individual records for every employer will be generated, including their related own data.
  • Exclusively generates files that include the changes occurred in the personal data or the employees' contracts, as well as in the new employees' data - this is possible thanks to the option to compare the data of the current situation with those of the last reporting to Territorial Working Inspectorate.
  • Prints the inconsistencies or data that do not comply with the ITM specifications by using the report "Error list" (e.g. checks if the employee's city has a valid SIRUTA code or if the contract termination reason complies with the list in the specifications).
  • Generates a series of configurable reports that include the data reported to the Territorial Working Inspectorate.
  • Ensures information security by configuring user rights related to accessing and processing data for all employees or only certain categories.

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