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HCM Portal

The solution eliminates HR time consuming activities by retrieving automatically information such as rest leaves, performance evaluations, training sessions, certificates, timesheets etc.

Some of the customers who use the HCM Portal module

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces operational and stationery costs
The solution eliminates the time needed by the HR personnel to run time consuming tasks such as certificate  requests, information updates and number of days off.

Increases the productivity of the Human Resources department
The module enables the communication and quick adoption of new internal requirements and regulations through a simple mechanism that integrates users in the company's workflows.

Motivates and empowers employees
The solution develops and retains valuable employees and improves the decision making process across the entire organization: certificates, timesheet, employee substitutes, performane evaluations, banking documentation etc.

Interactive organizational chart
The structure of divisions, departments and support teams can be found easier than ever due to a full size interactive organizational chart.


Organizational chart

  • Provides a unique overview of the entire organization: divisions, departments, support teams, functional positions etc.;
  • Identifies the reporting structure for each employee or level of the company
  • Quick search features and results displayed directly in the organization chart: e-mail, hire date, birth date, age, marital status, PIN etc.

The users who can access HCM Portal module are split in many categories, depending on the assigned rights: employees, managers, top managers, as well as Human Resources department users. The accounts and rights of these users are validated by the Human Resources department.

The company's employees can access public information made available by the Human Resources department, and the operations they can perform are:

  • Accessing the news within the company (e.g.: team building, training or recruitment sessions, new colleagues, announcing the employees of the month, etc.). The section is updated by the Human Resources department with the help of an external tool or automatically from Charisma HCM application (e.g. new employee).
  • Initiating flows that use certain forms agreed by the HR department such as rest leave requests, requests for bank certificates etc.
  • Simulating the salary calculation, from gross to net and from net to gross salary, with all the employee's and the employer's taxes.
  • Viewing strictly personal information that cannot be accessed by other users such as: Leave balance/Pay slip/Timesheet/Assessment results/Data related to own contracts.
  • Updating personal data - address, personal documents, marital status;
  • Filling in self-assessments by giving rates for each task/target/competence;
  • Accessing public information about the active employees within the company - personal pages, contact information, public messages etc.;

Apart from the rights assigned to the employees, the manager can:

  • View certain information for all his/her subordinates: leave balance, timesheet, assessment results, training plans.
  • Approve or reject the requests initiated by his/her subordinates;
  • Fill in assessments, training or career development plans for their subordinates;
  • Access the information about the results of interviews they attend for the applicants who are to be employed on subordinated positions.

Top Manager

Apart from the rights assigned to the mangers, the company's top management is able to access the organization charts and statistical managerial reports. Also, they have a dashboard including information about the personnel turnover and the employee expenses, split by companies, business units or cost centers.

The person who enters the timesheet on the Web
They have similar rights as the employee, but can additionally enter the timesheets of the employees they are is assigned to.

HR Specialist
The employees in the Human Resources department have access to the specific legislation section. The legislative updates are regularly performed through version upgrades or Web services.

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