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HR Document Management

The HR Document Management module is seamlessly integrated with the current company workflow and provides a comprehensive management of HR documents such as time sheets, administrative documents, certificates, employee worksheets, contracts, certifications and diplomas.

Some of the customers who use HR Document Management Software

Financial and Operational Benefits
Automates the HR document management activities
By scanning the document archive, working with physical documents is no longer necessary, while the time needed to generate certain types of daily-used formats is reduced.

Reduces the response time to internal requests

Requests from employees to obtain certain documents that are under the HR department’s responsibility get a faster response by the on spot generation of the required documents: leave requests, income certificates, employee record books, additional documents copies, individual certifications and work sheets.

Improves the approval flows
Thanks to the integration with Charisma HCM, the module provides an improved communication on specific approval processes that require the involvement of many employees of the company. You can configure various types of internal approval or document tracking flows, depending on your needs: certificates, employee substitutes, evaluation, recruitment, holidays, documentation for the bank etc.


  • Provides management of digital versions of working documents, as well as other personnel documents such as employee record books, addendums, individual certificates, documents needed for bank loans, e.g.;
  • Allows the implementation of document approval workflows according to the type of documents in use - circulating documents have information on tasks and employees assigned;
  • Provides an archive for each employee and site ( especially for multisite companies with several working units);
  • Issues reports regarding the completeness of the archive, according to the list of documents assigned to personnel files (OPIS);
  • Ensures access rights based on the organizational structure of the company - public areas or private areas that are available only to certain departments or groups of users that have rights and level access;
  • Issues automatic notifications for each document change or withdrawal;
  • One can search any type of information uploaded in the system through an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) certificate;
  • Manages all documents in a single location, Document Center - it includes functionalities such as document saving, archiving, retrieval, history, version control, reporting, adding and updating;
  • Document history – the module keeps track of all changes to documents with the possibility to view them at any time or even to return to a previous version;
  • Employee document history – the application provides multiple filters and advanced search criteria (employee type, name, document type or records in Charisma HCM, HCM Portal or Charisma ERP);
  • Document location – locations where documents must be physically stored can be defined, either within the company or the supplier in charge of the document storage;
  • Library-type functionality – possibility to set up alerts including personal data of the applicant and refund notices.

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"... By using the Document Management solution, we managed to eliminate the redundant activity of copying documents. Now, we have a modern solution that can solve promptly and effectively all employees’ requests, while our HR staff can focus on management activities. ..."
Florentina Gogolan,
HR Administrative Manager Carrefour România
Carrefour Romania


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