The Budgets module provides all the necessary features to generate the payroll budgets, as well as various benchmarking reports.

Some of the customers who use the Payroll Budgets module
Fan Curier

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the time assigned to routine tasks
Provides useful real time information for the creation, comparison and assessment of the HR budget execution.

Reduces the operational costs
The module eliminates the involvement of many people in collecting the information and creating updated reports and statements, thus eliminating redundant and manual work.

Ensures a complete budget control
The solution provides a full picture of the financial and operational activies by managing budgets at headquarters.


  • Enables the configuration of budget items - taxes, headcount, salary raises, special clauses etc.;
  • Ensures budgets at employee level – ensures budgets on each HC, cost center, company, brand, location for each month of the budget year;
  • Provides a complete set of specific reports:
    • Budget year (headcount, CC, title, taxes, premiums, monthly base salary, total employee cost, location);
    • Annual report for budget item variations (headcount, salaries, bonuses, exchange rate);
    • Next year budget vs. previous year budget;
    • Current year budget vs. current expenses;
    • Next year budget vs. current expenses;

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