The Audit module allows tracking the activity of all users operating in Charisma HCM and provides a set of reports that identifies both database changes and users involved.

Some of our clients who use the Audit module
Financial and operational benefits

Tracks the actions performed by users with rights to operate the database
Provides a set of reports to identify database changes and users involved
Manages user groups roles according to the rights granted by the system administrator

  • Audit reports
    • Rights of use - secured role matrix;  
    • User groups rights - changes in the security of the application;
    • Global parameters - changes in the general configuration of the system;
    • Algorithms - changes in the calculation of formulas & methods; 
    • Manual changes - cancels all changes applied to employees.
  • Generates reports that include the following information: username, type of activity performec (add, change, delete), information (field, table), old value - new value, time and date;  
  • Customizes all itmes to be audited in the application;
  • Allows recording from several terminals, but not in the same time. In such cases, the application returns the message "User X is already logged in the application";
  • Enables the configuration of a session timeout parameter;
  • Records events such as Insert/ Update/ Delete in the application database. Users' activities can be tracked separately, while managers' ones only by using the Admin SQL module;
  • Sizes audit tables according to the amount of inform
  • Defines different rights for the reporting area.

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