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HR Analyzer

Charisma HR Analyzer allows all company professionals, be they executives, HR directors or managers to analyze and understand human resources indicators much faster than any other solution, and with minimal resources and costs.

The productivity, profitability and efficiency of the employees must not remain simple information buried in a pile of data. HR professionals must make quick decisions that affect one or all of these components. Trends and exceptions in the data structure, otherwise unobtainable with ordinary analysis tools, are now much easier to notice and simpler to adress in order to improve decision making.
The solution is natively integrated with Charisma HCM and retrieves data from different sources to provide a complete picture of dynamic staff salaries, personal data, barcode readers, time attendance systems and performance indicators.
By exploring data with Charisma HR Analyzer, every user gets a better understanding of the trends behind data and is capable of making decisions without any compromise due to lack of information. Interactive reports can be ultimately discussed with colleagues or superiors for a complete understanding of the HR challenges faced by the organization.

Some of the customers who use Charisma HR Analyzer

Fan Curier       

Financial and operational benefits

Operational transparency
Tracks working hours, productivity, trends and fills personnel files agreed by the HR department without additional support from the IT department.
Prevention of critical situations
Identifies areas of risk through careful analysis of data.
Increased predictability
Defines and assesses busines scenarios and impact: changes in wages, working hours or personnel and their afferent financial implications.
Complete overview of the HR activity
Provides integrated operation of all sources of personnel data used in analysis: personal data, wages, barcode readers, time attendance systems, results of performance programs etc.
Robust implementation
Seamless integration with existing processes and HR solutions.


Why choose our HR Analyzer Software | Charisma HCM

Why HR Analyzer

Charisma HR Analyzer is an elegant solution designed for real time business reporting throughout the entire decision chain. By exploring data, each user gets a better understanding of the trends behind them and take decisions without any compromise caused by the lack of information. Reports can later be discussed with colleagues or superiors for a complete understanding of HR challenges the company is currently facing.

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HR Reports with Charisma Analyzer - Software HR

HR Reports with Charisma Analyzer

With Charisma HR Analyzer you can dynamically create and track a series of human resources performance indicators.

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