The Alerter module notifies the events or actions that need to be performed in a given time interval and keeps users alerted on the company's major events.

Some of the customers who use the Alerter module


Financial and operational benefits

Minimizes the delays
The module sends alerts in due time regarding certain tasks and events that need to be taken care of.

Reduces operational costs
Thanks to removing the penalties applied for unfulfilled tasks the system contributes to minimizing the non-quality costs.

Reduces the time allocated to plan tasks
Automatic alerts can be set up so that users are reminded about certain tasks that need to be performed, as well as their deadlines.

Increases employee satisfaction and motivation
Employees can receive congratulations on personal events such as birthdays, marriage, child/husband/wife anniversary, employment anniversary date with the company or any other type of alerts.


  • Enables complex messages that can include both standard elements and specific information retrieved directly from Charisma HCM application;
  • Automatically sends messages via e-mail or SMS to certain persons, on certain events;
  • Provides a user-friendly interface;
  • Enables setting up the frequency for each alerts;
  • Addresses the users in departments such as:
    • IT, security, top management:
      • Employees that will leave the company or get hired in the next 7 days
      • Employees that will change their position in the next 7 days  
    • Middle management:
      • Employees who celebrate a certain event in the next 7 days: birthday, marriage, child/husband/wife birthday;
      • Employees whose trial period or temporary trial period contract terminates in the next 20 days;
      • Employees who complete two years from the suspension of the child care contract in the next 30 days;
    • HR supervisor - Daily activity report for checking the data entered into the system during one day;
    • HR:
      • Employees' children who turn 18 in the next 30 days;
      • Deductions for other persons in care that terminate in the next 30 days;
      • Employees whose medical exams end dates in the next 30 days;
      • Interviews scheduled for the next 7 days;
      • Training sessions scheduled for the next 7 days;
      • Actions scheduled for the next 7 days (e.g. certificate approval);
      • Changes that affect the payroll process.

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