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Specialized IT services is one of the traditional business lines  addressed by TotalSoft through customized technical solutions such as ANPR-based car access  and timesheet systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), control and video surveillance systems or informarion security auditing.

For most solutions, TotalSoft was a pioneer, while proving to be a very good technician and performer. For example, the company completed the largest access timesheet project in Romania at Mangalia Shipyard. The technical solution comprised 34 access points with turnstiles and addressed the integration of the access-timesheet solution with the client’s existent software applications. 

Implementation of Hardware Infrastucture - IT Services

Implementation of Hardware Infrastucture

Designing and implementing a hardware infrastructure imply: To install and configure web servers, mail, ftp – Microsoft Linux platforms. To install and configure communication equipments -  – 3COM, CISCO, Zyxell, Allied Telesyn etc. To design and set up computer networks.

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Hardware and software maintenance

Hardware and software maintenance

The maintenance services are provided on demand or according to contract stipulations.

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Information security auditing - IT services

Information security auditing

TotalSoft provides information security auditing services, as well as designing and implementation of solutions aimed at securing the information, with multi-level architectures and according to the customers’ needs and requirements.

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Comprehensive communication solutions - IT services

Comprehensive communication solutions

The communication solutions we provide respond to the strictest security requirements.

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Design and implementation of car access systems- IT services

Design and implementation of car access systems

One of the most popular car access systems developed by TotalSoft on ANPR technology was implemented at Damen Galati Shipyard.

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Design and implementation of access-timesheet systems - IT Services

Design and implementation of access-timesheet systems

Our access-timesheet systems address all companies, regardless of their size or activity field. They can be implemented in both small-size companies and national or multinational companies, with thousands of employees and numerous access restrictions.

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