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Outsourcing benefits

Why would you turn to an outsourcing solution in the human resources field? We offer you below only a few major advantages you can benefit from. We are at your service for a detailed overview of an outsourcing solution tailored to your company's needs.

Reducing the operational costs
Reducing the operational expenses is the main factor in using outsourcing. Because we have a significant experience, of over 10 year in this field, we can provide professional services at significantly lower costs, compared to the amounts paid by the employers for operating such an internal department. By outsourcing these services, you don't need to further recruit personnel for that department, you don't need to further invest in professional training, in additional office space and office supplies, while reducing the costs and fees related to salaries or benefits. Charisma has a large count of qualified personnel, so that it can provide the services much faster, and the time saved in this way will be used to grow your business.

Our services are available all the year, thus eliminating the annual leave period required for the permanent employees, while also eliminating the special situations, such as sick leave or maternity leave. Another advantage is that the amounts paid for the outsourcing are determined fro the beginning under the contract, are directly proportional with the required amount of work and the access to our outsourcing services is enabled in this way both for the large companies and for the small and medium ones.

Focusing on the operations with high added value

You can focus on a broader range of operations with high added value, while the operational details are let on our expense. Some companies turn to outsourcing because different types of tasks requires a big portion from the time and care of the company's management. Sometimes, the problems generated by such operations are blocked at middle management level. This generates financial loss that affect the future of the company.

Internal resources available for other purposes
The most important resource redirected through outsourcing is the personnel. By empowering a specialized company with the routine and time consuming tasks, the company can route these employees to operations with higher added value.

Access to high capabilities
Turning to our services, you can implicitly access our investments in technology, methodology and people – investments done during over 10 years of continuous growth as a player on the market of solutions and services in Romanian HR area. As a provider of specialized services, our experience is translated by the multitude of problematic, various and complex situations we have faced, thanks to our large customer portfolio in all business fields.

Due to the routine tasks, your employees can risk to loose their motivation, becoming totally detached and bored. Instead, a team of professionals is always more efficient than a simple employee, and this is the reason the large companies outsource the non-critical tasks for their business growth.

Non-critical business functions
The outsourcing is the way you can reduce the capital that should be invested into the operations related to your business. You can choose: to buy the required resources with large expenses, in a short period of time and with incertitude of results, or you can exactly restrict the involved costs, by complying with specific procedures, according to a previously discussed and approved project, on an accurately determined period of time. Moreover, the existence of some securities for the project in execution is an extremely important factor when you choose the outsourcing option.

Reducing the risks
Turning to outsourcing, you gain flexibility, agility and dynamics in a short time, and these a key factors to face the new changes enforced by the current economy. The risks associated to the investments a company makes in various business areas are huge. The Romanian retail market, the competition, the effective laws, the financial conditions and the technologies are changing at a stunning speed. To keep in the line with these changes - especially because these also involve significant investments into resources - is extremely difficult. When you turn to outsourcing, these risks are shared between you, as a beneficiary, and us, as a professional service provider. A professional outsourcing provider does not invest on behalf of a single company, but all its customers. By sharing these investments, the risks incurred by a single company are significantly cut. And our customers take the stand to the quality of Charisma services.

Increasing productivity and eliminating the delays
Increasing productivity - more forms/documents/pay slips are processed in a shorter time outside of company and, in this way, the company's resources can be routed to the basic operations. The contracts enforce fixed deadlines for delivering the products or completing the projects, and any delay is under our liability.

Additionally, the stages of a running project can be closely tracked. Thus, the costs can be easily tracked and shared, and the replication at other scale of the already existing solutions becomes a process much easier and at a much lower final fee.

As a conclusion, the outsourcing brings the advantages in lowering the long-term costs, eliminating the need to grow internal competencies, the possibility for your company to focus on its business field, or ensuring the service delivery at a quality level under the signed contract. Please see the services that can be outsourced and where Charisma professionals have developed a significant expertise.


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