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With more than 20 years experience in 36 countries, TotalSoft dominates the local market in providing complete business solutions, according to Pierre Audoin Consultants study published in  2011 - 2014. In 2010, TotalSoft becomes a leader in personnel administration and payroll outsourcing segment. Moreover, TotalSoft manages wages of more than 10% of the Romanian active workforce. Among over 550 Romanian companies and 60 multinational groups that benefit from our dedicated human resources solutions, large companies such as Ursus, BRD, UniCredit Tiriac, Arctic, Alpha Bank have already opted for TotalSoft’s payroll outsourcing services.

Our exceptional experience in the human resources field, achieved after a large number of implementation in all business fields, in organizations of any size, led us to the conclusion that over 70% of the operations ran within the human resources teams are routine tasks. Although indispensable in human resources management, these operations are highly time consuming and do not add an obvious value to the organization. By reducing to minimum the routine tasks, the human resources departments can focus on the actual important operations, which assess the health of organizational culture, career planning, competences, personnel efficiency or performance against the strategic objectives of the organization.

This is why Charisma developed a full set of outsourcing services, that makes available to all employees' categories: top management (reports and organization charts), HR departments (outsourcing the repetitive processes or routine tasks), employees (online access to personal data). Regardless the outsourcing level, a human resources specialist will be designated by Charisma HCM to ensure the success of an outsourcing project with your company.

Using Charisma HCM, TotalSoft manages the salaries of over 10% of the Romanian active workforce and calculates 35% of the approximately 140,000 outsourced salaries.

Outsourcing benefits - why choose outsourcing?

Outsourcing benefits

Why would you turn to an outsourcing solution in the human resources field? We offer you below only a few major advantages you can benefit from. We are at your service for a detailed overview of an outsourcing solution tailored to your company's needs.

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Outsourced services | Charisma HCM - no. 1 HR software

Outsourced services

TotalSoft provides a wide range of outsourcing services. These services can be requested separately or combined with various software applications, so the you can benefit from a solution tailored to your actual needs.

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