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Custom Software Services

Business Consultancy

We analyze existing processes and provide our consulting services for their optimization and organization. After the analysis process, we extract the requirements and business flows and include them in the Business Requirements Specification – the essential document that precedes a successful project. Our consulting team, with its business expertise in various areas, has the required skills to support the decision-making processes.

Technical Consultancy

We provide technical consultancy in defining and designing system architectures, as well as technical documentation for the proposed systems, under the form of technical specifications.

Project Management

Depending on the specific requirements of each project and beneficiary, the projects are deployed according to TotalSoft’s proprietary methodology, which is based on 17 years of expertise in the implementation of IT projects.

This can either be the standard methodology, structured and organized based on the PMI specifics, or it can be adapted to actual trends, such as Agile (Scrum, Xtreme Programming).

Actually, TotalSoft is the company that introduced in Romania the project management concept, with the Primavera system, which is the most used professional project management application on the local market. The product is distributed and complemented with solutions tailored to the local market, as well as with consulting, maintenance, technical support and training services. TotalSoft is currently the only Oracle Platinum Partner in Romania, with a 90% market share.

Software Development

We have always been customer-oriented and created solutions that answer the needs of private companies, as well as public sector or government organizations. This approach, along with the special attention we give to cutting-edge technology and innovation, has transformed us into the preferred software developer, both in Romania and abroad.

The systems designed by our specialists can be created around several software applications.

Software Testing

IT system testing is performed by our professional team that is responsible for the quality of the delivered products. The testing process is based on well-defined procedures, included in the project methodology, and a testing plan agreed together with the system beneficiary.

Testing can be performed via manual procedures or automatically, using automatic testing tools. The development and testing process is transparent, being based on the most popular methods and frameworks, such as RUP or Agile, adapted to the project restrictions.

Process Standards

Our projects in more than 25 countries compelled us to work at European standards, using CMMI and SPICE automotive processes. As a result, we deliver high quality software that responds to customer needs and increases the customer satisfaction level.

Training and Documentation

It is well known that the success of an IT system adoption lies mostly in the users' ability to use it correctly, with maximum of efficiency. This is why we give special attention to training programs for key or end users. The courses are held by experienced trainers, and can be performed live, directly in the system, together with the training materials and user manual.

Hardware and Software installation and implementation

During the design and analysis phase, our specialists define the hardware requirements that are needed for the system to work at optimal parameters, while the equipment is to be delivered and configured for the installation of testing and live environments.

Roll-out, Production Monitoring, User Support

The roll-out, which is performed by the implementation team, includes the installation of the production environment and configuration of the application for production conditions. The functioning of the system is closely supervised by our experts, who provide support if needed.

Efficient Communication

Communication is essential for the project success. This is why we are offering a high degree of availability and flexibility, with fast access to the required resources and competencies. We are oriented to respond to the needs and requirements of the customer and we are trying to provide fast solutions.

Financial Efficiency

We can offer you countless arguments to collaborate with us. We will choose only 4:

  • Reduce IT costs;
  • Get help in planning your projects and tracking their execution;
  • Get comprehensive solutions that reduce the project completion time;
  • Predictable budgeting.

Open Source Technology Customization

Our portfolio also includes products based on open-source software extension and customization (e.g.: development of a document management system based on the Alfresco technology).

Find out more about our competencies and custom development software projects on the dedicated website for Custom Software Development – TotalSoft Services.


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