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IT services are a major component of the software solutions provided by TotalSoft, since they complement and add value to these, covering the specific requirements of each company.

The experience gained in collaborations with more than 1500 companies recommend us to address complex projects, which integrate the software component with IT services.
This is the main advantage you might gain next to TotalSoft, a business software provider with flexible solutions that meet the latest needs of companies.
Whether we talk about the reduction of HR operational costs, employee training, software development or maintenance, hardware maintenance and implementation of IT infrastructure, we provide solutions that are perfectly adapted to any company.


HR & Payroll Outsourcing - Services we offer

HR Outsourcing

With more than 20 years experience in 36 countries, TotalSoft dominates the local market in providing complete business solutions, according to Pierre Audoin Consultants study published in  2011 - 2014. In 2010, TotalSoft becomes a leader in personnel administration and payroll outsourcing segment. Moreover, TotalSoft manages wages of more than 10% of the Romanian active workforce. Among over 550 Romanian companies and 60 multinational groups that benefit from our dedicated human resources solutions, large ...

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Training Charisma ERP - No1. ERP Software in Romania

Training Charisma

TotalSoft is one of the software houses that is active in sustaining trainings in complementary business fields like project management, business analysis, Agile software testing, strategies used for cutting costs using an ERP software solution or training HR specialists.

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Custom Software Development - Total Soft

Custom Software Development

TotalSoft has 20 years of experience in developing custom software solutions. Many of these projects have become strategic partnerships with stakes exceeding 10 million euro and covering a long period of collaboration (reaching even 10 years).

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Specialized IT Services - TotalSoft

IT Services

Specialized IT services is one of the traditional business lines addressed by TotalSoft through customized technical solutions such as ANPR-based car access and timesheet systems (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), control and video surveillance systems or informarion security auditing.

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