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Five trends for ERP solutions in 2015

The ERP solutions have dramatically evolved in recent years and the reasons have come from several directions. The diversification of the economic environment, a stronger competition among companies, the will to increase the efficiency and profitability through the computerization of as many new activities or the technological paradigm changes are some of the most important directions.

As an ERP leader on the Romanian market and based on the data obtained after running projects with major local and international players, we created a top 5 most important trends for ERP solutions in 2015.

  • Mobility, a direction hotter than SaaS or Cloud

Accessing the ERP system directly from tablet or laptop becomes more important than the access to a complex desktop system. The quick access to information, anywhere and anytime, the real-time data update or the rapid statistics generation, are features that most of the users would consider mandatory for an ERP system. The need for mobility will go beyond the sales, deliveries, technical interventions, promotion or management activities and it will be used by more and more users, including the back office users. The producers will pay a special attention to the mobility of the ERP components.

  • Usability similar to mobile applications

Another trend, result of the mobile technology impact, is the ERP usability growth. If until recently, it was important for an ERP system to have as many features as possible, nowadays, the focus is on interfaces facelift, simplicity, easy and quick access. The users want to work in a familiar environment, tactile, using intuitive and user-friendly applications. An ERP system should provide a unique working environment, unify all the daily activities, increase the information retrieval and operational easiness and compulsory, to be “user oriented”.

  •  Enhanced configuration features, a must-have

One of the main differentiators of any type of IT solution is the degree of configurability, leading to a significant reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) and a faster solution modeling according to the customer’s business particularities. The companies with internal IT departments would like that the ERP provider to offer them an instrument meant to easily and rapidly customize certain system elements. Platforms such as Adaptive will be a “must-have” request when procuring an ERP system.

  • ERP, part of a global solution

The increasing demand for the integration of the ERP systems with solutions such as CRM,BI,HR or Procurement, in order to complete and automate all the business needs, places the ERP in the center of a global solution.  Companies create platforms with software systems that respond to their own needs, and the ERP providers will focus to meet the trend by developing their own products or by integrating dedicated solutions.

  •  Interfacing with other systems and technologies

Choosing an ERP depends on multiple criteria such as quality, efficiency, group policy, the possibility to connect with other systems. All of them are important, but lately, a special attention is given to the possibility of the advanced integration with other advanced solutions and technologies. The trend is interesting, on the one hand it encourages the software producers to develop solutions and thus, to become unique providers for their clients and, on the other hand, gives the companies the opportunity to choose a solution that can better meet the above mentioned criteria. 


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