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CRM in insurance

The local insurance market has recorded a constant growth generated by the increase in the number of customers and the maturity of active players. Locally, some of the most renown names in the industry have made their appearance either by entering as shareholders or by opening branches, thus leading to a much higher level of competition, and an urgent need for operational efficiency.

Many of the current IT systems implemented to insurers or brokers have performance limitations and provide a restricted support in managing a growing number of customers or rapid launches of new products or services. In addition, the global financial crisis brings great pressure to reduce costs and provide accurate reporting to headquarters.


Insurance-Reinsurance carriers and brokers run highly dynamic activities. Processing a huge number of applications while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction are the main key points to success in such a highly competitive market. Through customer relationship management solutions, insurers will provide high quality services to customers, regardless of the size or complexity of the business. By consolidating data from multiple systems used before or in parallel and integrating with core insurance systems, the CRM solutions reduce the application processing times by enabling the management to tailor the workflows according to the company specificity, and also increase the accuracy of records. The solution helps to increase the predictability of collection, reduces costs per incident and the number of complaints, as well as their escalation.

The effectiveness of the marketing campaigns can be measured easily through the number of leads generated and number of new clients won in conjunction with the budget and the type of each individual campaign. Be it promoting the product portfolio or sending regular information to company’s contacts, such solutions allow an appropriate recipient segmentation considering industry-specific criteria such as insurance type, policy start date or end date, GWP value etc.

The CRM solution provides the sales force with a holostic view on customer history, grouped by categories such as own leads, marketing campaigns or call center leads. The solution helps to increase the rate of renewal of policies through more rapid identification of sales opportunities for new products and services.

By using a solution accessible from various devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone) the time spent in direct interaction with customers is highly increased, while the inefficient allocation of time for operational activities such as manual introduction or correction of data will be reduced. The interaction with the customer gets more qualitative as the sales agents may access directly from the the application a suite of information and materials to enhance the sales process - brochures, leaflets, product data sheets, ongoing marketing campaigns content, customer history etc.

A proper CRM solution includes a call center component, ensuring efficient management of inbound and outbound calls, as well as setting up customer questionnaires and surveys for different purposes – market researches, satisfaction level etc.

The Customer Service Department will have at disposal an integrated system for dealing with complaints and help desk requests, fraud assessment or ticketing management. An ideal solution enables insurers’ customers to quickly access via web/ a dedicated portal the status of their policies, as well as other information about payments made or benefits of their policies.

The CRM solution allows configuring access rights according to the roles in the organization - in other words, field agents, brokers, managers or business area directors will have a different view of the information and reports in the system. Depending on the roles defined in the system, users may access performance reports of the organization or employees, such as:

  • Policy portfolio history for both legal and natural entities;
  • Marketing campaign progress and results – no. of leads generated, no. of contracts signed out of leads generated, value of contracts signed based on marketing campaign leads etc.;
  • Specific sales reports – no. of new contracts, no. of contract renewals, value of new contracts, value of policy renewals etc. ;
  • View results of customer questionnaires and track call center calls.

In insurance there is only one policy to growth and success – an integrated customer relationship management from marketing and sales, up to customer care activities. For mor detailed information on a proper CRM features, please access the following page CRM Software or write to us at marketing@totalsoft.ro.


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