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BI Software - benefits and challenges

BI software solutions definitely play a crucial role in an organization, due to the increasingly stringent need to analyze and retrieve operational and financial data in order to make the best decisions. This fact is demonstrated by the interest shown in this type of solution in recent years.

The BI software standard version analyzes and processes data serving the C-level and decision makers within the organization. Over time, the desire to improve decision support systems in an increasingly heterogeneous technological environment, to help companies increase productivity and performance, the business intelligence solutions have been developed to address a wider range of decision problems such as strategic, tactical and operational decisions.
These day-to-day types of analysis and decision support are considered to be the latest trend in our country; however, these concepts are not all new. The operational BI is used by approx. 80-90% of our customers and is widely known as in-depth analysis performed with excel-sites connected to OLAP cubes.
Main benefits of the operational concept afferent to BI software solutions vs. traditional BI solutions:
  • Address a wider audience within the organization;
  • Analyze and support decisions, measure performance in order to react to unexpected changes and indicate appropriate countermeasures;
  • Retrieve information on time;
  • Deliver detailed information on any product or operational transaction.


Challenges of an operational BI solution:
The greatest challenges faced by organizations when it comes to implementing an operational BI solution, arise during the analysis stage of the business real needs, implementation process, definition of business-related adequate indicators, as well as solution availability – mobile devices, web or desktop.
All companies, but especially those in distribution, retail and financial services are turning to operational business intelligence solutions, due to a strong competitive pressure and the need to react quickly to changing business or customer behavior. More details about how BI software can support the activity of medical institutions can be accessed at http://www.charisma.ro/en/erp-solutions/clients/expertise/resources/analysis-and-case-studies/behind-the-scenes/bi-tools-for-the-healthcare-sector/.
TotalSoft provides two business intelligence components: a component that addresses top management and one that addresses the middle management. Each component addresses specific needs, ranging from macro or aggregate analyses and performance indicators, easy and intuitive dashboards for the top management, up to ad-hoc analysis based on operational and financial data.
Moreover, TotalSoft has developed a mobile technological solution on iPad, which fits both executive and operational employees; the solution is natively integrated with the back-office solutions provided by TotalSoft or any other ERP vendor.

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"... Besides TotalSoft’s vast expertise on the Romanian and international IT market, the company also considered the undisputed advantage brought by TotalSoft’s status as Partner of Microsoft Business Solutions: “ There was no other solution, that covered completely our needs and requirements.” ..."
Borislav Hristov,
Chief Executive Officer
Kronos Recovery Management


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