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CRM and CEM can indeed work together

We are living in a customers’ world where concepts like customer experience or satisfaction are more and more popular. This means that competitive advantages acquired through brand, delivered services, innovation or price are all now common things. A new trend is nowadays hero meant to drive customers delight by analyzing, connecting and building strong relationships with the existing clients’ base

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Managing and growing the insurance customer portfolio

Solutions for managing and growing the insurance customer portfolio

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The impact, in numbers, of eProcurement systems on operational costs

The impact, in numbers, of an eProcurement system on operational costs

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Are you recovering debts efficiently?

Your debt recovery system. Truth or dare?

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Charisma FFA Demo

Test our Charisma FFA solution, developed on iOS system, by accessing our demo version.

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BI Software - benefits and challenges

BI software solutions plays a crucial role in an organization

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Social Media CRM Strategies

Discover 5 methods in which the Social Media catalyzes business opportunities

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