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Charisma Medical Software successfully implemented at Mowasalat Clinic

A better control on resources

The company has now access to an overview on the entire performed activity, which enables them a better control on resources. Processes are accelerated by quickly capturing and querying information through the automation of a patient's or medical test's complete route.

Dr. Emad Mohd. M. Bahloul , Company Doctor Qatar Transport Company

Mowasalat, popularly known as the “The Transport Company” in Qatar, is a company 100% managed and operated by the state authorities to ensure the smooth provision of "integrated ground transport services" for the entire country.

In order to provide high quality health services for its more than 6500 employees, the company has its own medical center, running since 2011 on Charisma Medical Software. Recently, the company decided to expand the collaboration, adding new modules to the already existing ones. The integration with company’s SAP ERP system has been successfully completed.



Qatar’s economy is booming as one of world’s richest countries; major infra-structure projects & sustainable initiative are under way, as Qatar aspires to be the most sought after destination for global events in various fields like health, culture, education, energy & sports in particular.

Mowasalat, a major stakeholder of this booming era aspires to contribute with its own ambitious expansion plans & projects, operational efficiency with synergy in innovation & technology to deliver, as Transport Company of Qatar.

Following facts define the company: 6500 employees, employee accommodation for 10,000 with most comfortable, modern township facilities, 2500 taxis, 250 Public buses in 38 routes, 1800 School buses, 400 limousines, 1700 Buses/coaches for contracts to staff transportation, events, private hire. Waterborne transportantion is to be introduced in 2014.


Mowasalat KARWA, popularly known as the The Transport Company in Qatar, started its activities by providing land transport services and solutions in October 2004. The company has quickly widened its reach by offering several solutions to fulfill the variety of requirements by providing Airport Taxi, Standard Taxi, VIP Limousine, Standard Limousine, Public Bus Service, School Bus Service, and Private Hire Bus and Coach Services.

Given its large number of employees and the high rate of growth, the company decided the best approach to managing all medical issues related to its staff was by having its own medical clinic. Consequently, the company needed a powerful software solution that integrates and optimizes processes, flows, operational and financial activities specific to a medical center.

TotalSoft's solution was selected for its large expertise in the field, international experience, the application's functionalities catered to the customer’s business, implying short implementation time, competitive TCO and minor change requests.


The company adopted Charisma Medical Solution initially in 2010, to integrate and optimize its processes and flows. For the beginning, company’s choice focused on the Patients Module, Medical Examinations, General Practitioner and Pharmacy.

The patient flow of medical units raises serious problems regarding registration, viewing and also quick searching for information. These were the issues addressed by means of thePatients Module, which consistently manages data and patient records,including disease history,medication and previous treatments.With the help of the Medical Examinations module, services provided during the medical examinations and results of medical tests performed following these examinations could be recorded. Moreover, the integration with the existing SAP ERP system enabled the company to close the flow of information and streamline all its internal processes. Also, in order to implement and automate the flow of information to the Medical Commission, which according to the legislation in force receives periodic reports, integration with the software solution used by the Medical Commission was also performed.

The company’s alert expansion process, with constant new wards, medical equipment and personnel led to the decision to extend the cooperation with TotalSoft by purchasing new modules. Occupational Medicine, Imaging and Laboratory Modules came to complete the suite.


The company has now access to an overview on the entire performed activity, which enables them a better control on resources. Processes are accelerated by quickly capturing and querying information through the automation of a patient's or medical test's complete route.

The flow of processes related to Occupational Healthcare, which is one of company’s major concerns, is now being entirely covered. In addition to seamlessly managing all issues related to the large number of company’s employees, the company now has the opportunity to expand its area of business. On a market strictly regulated by the provisions of the Medical Commission regarding specific medical tests, the large number of expatriate employees generates long waiting lists for medical services. Medical services are now provided by Mowasalat to both its employees and the public, the company aiming at becoming one of the major providers of medical services in Qatar, to facilitate the medical commissioning required as mandatory by the State of Qatar.

Case study revised in 2014.

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