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The leasing market shifted from a fast growing to a fierce competition with a constant struggle of the companies to bring new products and strictly control their expenses. In such conditions, for a business to be more profitable, to have a fast and organizational ability are key words. An IT solution, like Charisma, designed and developed by TotalSoft can bring to a company increased efficiency and added value that makes the difference between competitors.

Aurelia Leoveanu, General Manager RCI Leasing


RCI Leasing Romania, one of the most important local companies in automotive, is the financing arm Renault Group, with the main objective to boost the sales of its own brand models.

In 2005 the increase of the business was extremely rapid, which raised the need for a robust and flexible solution able to support the entire business volume appeared. The major legislative changes that were announced at that time imposed for a very fast implementation.

Since 2005, more and more products were added in the portfolio, and also 2 new entities: Operating Lease company and also Insurance Broker company.


RCI Leasing began implementing Charisma in December 2004, the process ending on 1 July 2005. Among the reasons which led RCI Leasing to work with TotalSoft include the availability of the company to provide technical support and maintenance at Renault Group standards.

The relation between RCI Leasing and Totalsoft was since then a continuous one, with new functionalities developed, in order to keep the pace with the new requirements of the business environment.


At the beginning, RCI implemented several modules: accounting, finance (used to determine the financial condition of customers, overdue bills, receipts, invoices, etc.), sales, purchases and leasing module.

The application also included a logistics module that automates the process of registration and deregistration of vehicles, an insurance module that manages the insurance policies and a risk module that manages operations for the recovery of claims.

Also, Charisma ERP ensures the traceability of archived documents and records the reasons why customers use the call center.

The implementation speeded up the operations of the company, by integrating all the information, eliminating double work and producing fast reporting.

Since then, new modules were added: a web-leasing module, which enables the dealers to create offers to clients from the showroom, providing all the necessary information in order to sign the contract; collection module, remarketing and repossession.


9 years since the first GoLive with the application, RCI Leasing operates a solution which supports and brings value to its business, is fully compliant with local accounting and reporting requirements and also helps the headquarter reporting.

In all this period, 130.000 contracts were registered in the database, millions of invoices and payments, and tens of millions of accounting entries.

Advantage of the solution is that Charisma ERP provides a platform that allows an easy configuration of any change in the business. It also eliminated double work, increased control of operations and enforced complex reports covering all areas of the business.

After implementing Charisma, RCI Leasing operational activity improved by having fast and efficient operations that in past required more time and effort. With Charisma ERP implemented, the company could focus on what they know to do in the market: leasing. The technology does the rest.

Case study written in 2006, updated in 2013.

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