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Quality, the main criterion in choosing Charisma

If we compare the investment to the results, I must say that the benefits generated from using the Charisma are ten times bigger than the costs of the system and that means short term to medium.

Dan Dănăilă, General Manager
Nowadays, in Romania there is an important market for the financial service providers and, in order to escalate it, a very good integrated information system is crucial, says Mr. Dan Dănăilă, General Manager of Eurial Leasing, a company which reached the top 10 leasing companies in a few years only from their foundation.   
In December 2005, National Bank of Greece Group acquired 70% of Eurial Leasing block of shares and the transformation of the leasing company from all points of view (processes, products, people, strategies, etc.) has started at that very moment. Before that, Eurial Leasing has been acting as an exclusive financer for Peugeot, but after the acquisition, the company changed its strategy to a general financing for different brands and products, according to its status of a financial company, part of a banking group. This transformation had consequences, as it was normal, at both levels: human resources and required software infrastructure for an effective business management.
Thus, the acquisition of an ERP system to provide real-time information about the company's activity has been decided. The provided information was especially related to the operational part of the system, events that could occur, apart from the normal monthly installment invoicing during a leasing contract (for instance: damages, advance closures, payment schedule changes, delivery changes, etc.). 
At that particular time, in Romania there were 3 IT solutions, but a real choice can only be made between 2 systems. 
I have chosen Charisma, which I knew prior to my coming to Eurial Leasing, thinking that it is an IT solution used by many top leasing companies, managing a lot of contracts and, as a result, facing a lot of issues whose new requirements will cause direct results upon the product development,” states Mr. Dan Dănăilă, Eurial Leasing General Manager, telling about how the system was acquired.
When they started the collaboration with TotalSoft, in 2006, Eurial Leasing was generating a number of 6,000 contracts per year and they were managing a portfolio of over 10,000 contracts.
“We realized that the IT solution we were working with did not anymore satisfy the level we had reached and, thus, it was impossible for us to carry out a good management only based on human resources,” Mr. Dănăilă specified.
Charisma ERP system has a financial leasing module that is well developed, providing the information needed to effectively manage a large number of contracts. The total assets managed by Eurial Leasing with Charisma assistance reached the amount of EUR 200 mil., the company being rated, from this point of view, among the top 10 leasing companies on the Romanian market.
TotalSoft entered into this project having an important advantage, and this was the know-how they got while implementing Charisma within companies providing financial services. On the other hand, the architectural structure of Charisma gives the flexibility of adding new functionalities, recording information into each single contract (for instance: information related to customer's business, the turnover, number of employees, type of assets, etc.), which are important data in approving a leasing contract. Quick retrieval of the data from the unique database also gives the users enough and varied information so that they can optimize their daily work. Charisma system provides information security and their verification using control keys that do not allow partner duplicates if, for example, a registration code was improperly entered.
If we multiply these features by the 20,000 contracts Eurial Leasing has to manage, we understand that the benefits resulting from using Charisma are not to be neglected at all. 
“If we compare the investment to the results, I must say that the benefits generated from using the Charisma are ten times bigger than the costs of the system and that means short term to medium,” Mr. Dănăilă appreciates. 
Eurial Leasing has also made a link from the Web module of the company to Charisma database and now all company's customers have got real-time information regarding the performance of their own contracts, payments made, amount of outstanding invoices, etc., and this achievement makes effective the communication with the customers. Also concerning this project, there are future plans including the transmission of information to the customers via SMS.
To conclude, the value of the financial services provided by Eurial Leasing is determined by the management vision, fast speed and quality of information delivered to the customers, the pillar which supports the company evolution being the IT system.
Case study revised in 2008.

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