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Using interfaces developed by TotalSoft, the CRM solution is integrated with Charisma ERP from where it retrieves all customer information. Interfaces are created using Web Service and XML packages for an easy access to information at any time

Radu Chiran, Consultant CRM

TBI Call Center is part of the Dutch group TBIH Financial Service, which offers financial services in Central Eastern Europe. TBI Call Center business is offering Call Center type services (Customer Care, Collection, Telemarketing) to different companies of the TBI, TBI Credit and TBI Leasing groups.

Setting up a new company for delivering a new type of service had to be sustained by an appropriate IT solution that would allow the central recording and tracking of all data and processes related to the Call Center's activity. A CRM application was deemed the most appropriate solution.
TBI Call Center provided three distinct categories of services:
  • Customer Care
  • Collection
  • Telemarketing
Both TBI Credit and TBI Leasing are using the Charisma Enterprise solution for the management of their operations. Therefore, all information about clients is managed through this application. To be efficient in their activity, the Call Center agents had to have access to such information. The IT solution for the Call Center had to be able to connect to Charisma Enterprise and to offer the users the information stored in the Charisma database. Such information includes: the client list and the appropriate contacts, contracts, installment plans, payments, overdue payments etc.
One of the most important aspects in the Call Center activity is the capacity to answer client questions rapidly. In order to do that, all information has to be available very easily to the Call Center operator.
Another important point was the efficiency of the users. The TBI Credit and TBI Leasing client and contact bases have a high number of records. The processes required by normal activity had to be optimized, with no delays due to information being too difficult to obtain. The users don't have to and they don't even have the time to search the necessary information in multiple screens and applications to be able to provide the information requested by the clients. All information has to be one „click” away and has to be rendered in a very short time.
TBI Call Center offers support for activities specific to credit activities. For this reason, it is very important that the solution implemented for the Call Center’s activity would fit to this type of activity. Contracts, installment plans, payments, past due payments and notifications are just some specific elements that the CRM solution had to include to support the Call Center’s specific activities.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been chosen as the IT solution capable of answering the specific requirements of the TBI. TotalSoft was chosen as partner for this project, because the solution functionalities had to be configured and expanded significantly, and because the integration with Charisma Enterprise was also needed.
The users use Microsoft Outlook to access all CRM data. Such functionality was made possible by the integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Outlook. Due to the interfaces developed by TotalSoft, Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates with Charisma Enterprise solution from where it retrieves client information. The interfaces are created using Web Service technologies and XML packages. The interfaces were created so that they can be connected to different Charisma configurations and installation scenarios.
In order to accommodate data specific to the business field, new objects have been added to the application, along with the appropriate developments to integrate them with the standard functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this way, the TBI Call Center finds in the CRM application all data that already exist in Charisma: contracts with its clients in specific formats, installment plans, payments and overdue payments etc. The data entered in specific objects reach specialized TBI Call Center applications via interfaces.
As the solution became available to every team in the TBI Call Center, the users and the company came to appreciate more and more the benefits offered by it:
  • The improvement of client relationships – all client information are available from a single point of access, and all users can benefit from it.
  • 360 degree view of the client data – all information is passed from the back-office systems to the CRM and can be accessed through it.
  • Lower response time to requests – CRM screens have been optimized to offer information in a very short time. When integrating with the ERP solution, during the synchronization process, there are complex computations that reduce the time of inquiries (payment summary per client and contract, overdue payments summary etc.)
  • Efficient reporting – the management team of the organization keeps up to date on the call center team activity and monitors the performance of the operators. Based on the information provided, the management team can offer support or additional resources when necessary. Also, by classifying the calls and by associating with ERP data, the back-office processes are getting a feedback about the products sold (the centralization of the incidents based on product types, product phases etc.).
  • More time for the clients – the call center operators can take now more calls and can close faster the reported incidents. The call center operators can now automatically generate different documents that can be sent to the clients, documents populated with data directly from the system.
  • Integration with the telephony technology – when a client calls, the phone number is automatically searched in the CRM database and, if identified, the screen with the complete client data is opened for the Call Center operator.

Case study revised in 2008.

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