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The features delivered by Charisma HCM, now cover all aspects of the human resource management activities, while the payroll module is for us a useful tool for solving problems related to salaries, regardless of the type of company.

Nicoleta Cârlugea, HR Manager

Tiriac Group is one of the major business players in Romania, the group’s companies’ activities ranging from importing and distribution of well-known automobile brands such as Mercedes Benz, Ford, Hyundai, Mitsubishi and Jaguar, real estate, financial services up to assets and people security.


The group started the purchasing process of an integrated human resource management and payroll software in the first half of 2007, a process that was not very long because, according to Alexander Carstoiu, Technical Management, “We already knew the market, as well as the fact that Charisma HR was one of the best solution in Romania, that it was applied in companies with similar activities and that it allowed an horizontal extension. Also, we relied on the quality delivered by TotalSoft’s exceptional professional team, able to cope with such challenges.”

The group’s objectives did not comprise only the implementation of such an information system, but also the ordering and integration in a centralized and common reporting database of all information related to human resources and payroll for the 3000 employees of the group. Due to the geographical dispersion (the companies are located in Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi, Oradea, Timisoara and Brasov) and different ways of reporting, the data compilation and centralization could not be obtained in real time, causing difficulties in the processes of centralized reporting and performance indicators tracking.

“Prior to the implementation, the reporting was done in various systems and submitted to Tiriac Management in different formats. The following step was the centralization of data at its headquarters in Bucharest, an activity which involved the allocation of extra time and effort with a permanent risk of human error. Any delay recorded in a complex reporting system may cause data distortion, meaning that the final result obtained can already be exceeded at the time of the analysis.” Added Alexandru Cârstoiu.
The solution proposed by TotalSoft is now centralizing the information in a single database allowing simultaneous access to all companies. “We managed to create a small HR community within the group, which is now interacting much more thoroughly, consulting and supporting each other, thereby improving the macro work. From this point of view it is important to highlight that by implementing the system at Group level, we managed to detach the user from the <single user> image and make it fit into a team dedicated to the same purpose.” added Tiriac Management official.

Since Charisma has been implemented, the notion of a regular reporting system no longer exists because the information can now be accessed in real time and in the desired shape. Charisma provides a set of standard reports, as well as the possibility to customize new reports based on various criteria. Basically, after a few check marks, any existing information in the system can be transformed in a report, and when the database includes thousands of employees this detail is not to be neglected.

“When we started this project, we chose 17 reports; now we have over 80 reports and their number continues to grow as more people discover the application’s facilities. Interestingly, out of these, over 50% have been created by ourselves according to the circumstances that we faced at the moment.” Added Alexandru Cârstoiu.

Another benefit that was visible at the entire group level was represented by the awareness of each company of the group regarding their role and importance of activity over the rest of the group’s members.
Normally, a project manager has 5-6 successful projects per year, but we managed to complete 23 projects in just six months. Without a good collaboration between our teams, a thorough knowledge of the field and a good product, that would not have been possible.
Trainings were held both in Bucharest and other cities of the country resulting in almost a tour at the end of which people were able to work alone with the application.

“By implementing Charisma we managed to align all Group companies to the requirements embodied in a specific reporting package, used by everyone and available to everyone. Now we have a clear picture of our human resource and how to do it to meet our strategy.”
Mrs. Nicoleta Carlugea, HR Manager at Tiriac Management completed:

“The features delivered by Charisma HCM, now cover all aspects of the human resource management activities, while the payroll module is for us a useful tool for solving problems related to salaries, regardless of the type of company.”

As a conclusion, we can definitely say that when it comes to human resource planning, automated payroll calculation, recruitment or communication with employees’ improvement, Charisma HCM is the solution needed.
Case study revised in 2007.

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