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Before the implementation of Charisma ERP we concluded aprox. 150 new contracts per month. Due to the support of the application we reached 700 new contracts per month. A four times bigger volume of contracts, but not by multiplying by four the number of employees

Adrian Alexe, President and General Manager, Tiriac Leasing

The company
Part of Tiriac Holding, Tiriac Leasing is one of the leaders on the Romanian leasing market. Tiriac Leasing offers mainly financing services in the form of internal financial leasing and operational leasing for the entire range of vehicles, from automobiles to large commercial fleets, as well as for a large range of equipments.

In 2008, Tiriac Leasing reached a turnover of 80 million Euros with the help of a team exceeding 100 employees in 8 subsidiaries across the country.

The situation
What do you do when you are the manager of a company in full expansion and you feel that the business processes ran by the company are out of control? It’s clear that the moment came to make a decision that can increase the control over the business without a substantially increase the costs. At this moment, the best solution seems to be an ERP solution.

The story of Adrian Alexe, President and General Manager at Tiriac Leasing, is not different from the one of any manager that made the decision to implement an ERP. But the leasing is a specific activity, totally different from the activities ran by distributors, manufacturers or hotels. The experience gained in a different leasing company helped Adrian Alexe to make this decision much easier.

The solution
Tiriac Leasing chose the ERP system designed and developed by TotalSoft. “The reason that determined us to work with TotalSoft was the fact that it’s a large and representative company for the Romanian market. Plus, it had the capacity to develop a software solution for the Romanian leasing market”, Adrian Alexe.

The transfer from the old application to the new one was made extremely fast. Although the president of Tiriac Leasing knew the product, Liviu Dan Dragan said ”I didn’t have, not even for a single moment, the feeling that we will be favored”.  Plus, Charisma had already passed the test of being implemented and supporting the growth process of a company, at BCR Leasing.

“We had a software application developed in an older language, designed with the help of old technologies, facts that created many problems in the analysis of company situation at a given moment. The application didn’t have any flexibility and succeeded only to manage the simple part of invoicing, being unable to cover receipts, manage clients and the management and cash flow operations were made manually, this being translated in a large consumption of human resources, with large costs”, Adrian Alexe.

“The old application was acceptable for a certain number of contracts but once a threshold is crossed certain activities can’t be made manually. In that moment we made the decision to change the application”,
said Adrian Alexe reffering to the situation he faced at BCR Leasing.

Liviu Dan Dragan, the general manager of TotalSoft, remembers that “the leasing module of Charisma was developed following the collaboration with BCR Leasing and the product genesis starting with this collaboration. The know-how was gained by both sides, consequently following other implementations. This is how the leasing part of Charisma was developed”  

“In the second part of 2003, there were 2 companies that provided important applications on the leasing market, among which were TotalSoft. We created a dedicated team for the selection of the leasing solution. My colleagues evaluated both offers in several meetings with the two providers and following the analysis of the applications, both technical and financial, and in the end they chose TotalSoft”, Adrian Alexe.

Starting with October 1st, Tiriac Leasing started using the new application in proportion of 100% and the adaptability of users was in the same percentage because all departments were functional. The application helped the company increase the volume of activity and in the same time to efficiently control it.  

The results
Ţiriac Leasing automated a large number of processes, allowing the information to be recorded in a single data base and by a single person, feature unavailable in the old application. “When you talk about few contracts one may not observe, but in case of a large number of contracts the problem becomes serious, being able to irremediable affect company’s activity”, Adrian Alexe.

“Before the implementation of Charisma ERP we concluded aprox. 150 new contracts per month. Due to the support of the application we reached 700 new contracts per month. A four times bigger volume of contracts, but not by multiplying by four the number of employees”
, President and General Manager, Ţiriac Leasing.

The contract between Tiriac Leasing and TotalSoft was a flexible one “we didn’t have the feeling, not for a single moment, that we’ve being offered just a product for which any modification costs three times more that the product itself. The additional modification were less expensive than we initially expected”, Adrian Alexe.

Case study revised in 2005.

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