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Cosmote Romania started working with Charisma Enterprise system in 2006. TotalSoft system has been chosen because it was offering a very short implementation time, as well as a great price-performance ratio. Thanks to this partnership, TotalSoft has won a great experience in the telecom area, and Cosmote Romania has optimized its business processes using an ERP system

Sergiu DumitraƟcu, Business Application Manager

The company
Cosmote Group is one of the main regional mobile telephony providers, with currently more than 20 millions users in five South-Eastern European countries: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania and FYROM – by local companies - Cosmote Greece, Cosmote Romania, The Globe, AMC and Cosmofon.

Cosmote Romania was launched on the Romanian market in December, 2005. Following an ambitious network extension plan, Cosmote exceeded end of March, 2009, 6.1 millions users, with a market share of 23%, covering more than 98% of the population and 87.5% of the territory. This increase reflected upon the company's turnover in 2008, reporting an EBITDA value of EUR 22.5 millions.

At the moment, Cosmote Romania owns a national distribution network of more than 840 Cosmote, Germanos, Internity, Romtelecom stores and many independent dealers, with a team of more than 1,000 employees.

The situation
Cosmote needed a back-office system that can collect data from ten applications, which the company frequently uses, so the interfacing level of the application was very important. Additionally, Cosmote was developing and wanted a local and flexible partner to perfectly match its pretty dynamic requirements.

On the other hand, Cosmote is a company with more than 2 millions users and it inevitably generates a lot of transactions. Each SIM card is tracked at a series number level, and the inventory engine needs to cope with such a data volume.

The requirements regarding the performance in time were firm, which required the implementation of a solution with a less rigid implementation methodology.

The solution
Cosmote chose to implement TotalSoft solutions as a result of a bid held in 2006, which put in competition the main international business management solutions on the Romanian market. TotalSoft came with a very short implementation plan, with firm requirements of meeting the time period. The implementation was completed in less than 6 months, which is an achievement for a company with a business of such size. During this period Charisma ERP, Charisma HR, Charisma Analyzer (BI system) solutions were implemented, modules dedicated to manufacturing operations, MRP, contract and budget management.

The project involved interfacing with the 10 applications already existing within Cosmote. This was solved quickly with the help of some facilities offered by these applications and by determining, together with Cosmote IT department, some specifications regarding the data export and translation. These interfaces didn't involve a separate development work by TotalSoft, but everything had to stick to configurations.  This meant less working time and a much more product stability. Of course, because Cosmote is a multinational company, it has a series of well-established working procedures, which helped a lot the proper execution of the project.

Functionalities have been delivered for modeling all the processes: starting with financials-accounting management up to inventory and logistics management, which probably any other system would have done. The extra thing that Charisma brought was the planning system, so that the ERP system to manage to run a business, not just to follow it.

For reporting, Charisma Analyzer business intelligence system was implemented to help in performing all the specific report, both at internal level and by the parent company, within the group. Thus, the effort made by 3-4 people for a week is now being replaced. All these reports are now available only one click away. Charisma Analyzer allows easy defining new reports, even by the beneficiary without the intervention of TotalSoft team, being an extremely powerful tool for analyzing the global activity of a company.

A critical moment of the project was for the beneficiary to completely undertake the system, because the existence of multiple interfaces led to operational risks. Cosmote's IT department is a very valuable one, and, having Charisma team aside, the moment was easily passed over.

The results

Cosmote achieved important benefits for its growth: real-time inventory tracking, the correct status of fixed assets and budget line tracking, electronic contract management, managerial reports and IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) or up-to-date analysis by cost centers.

The application brings an important share in making strategic decisions via the powerful reporting engine, as well as by making available a maintenance, equipment and contract management module. Data accuracy is complete, and if we add the real-time availability next to these we get to what every manager wants. All these tools come to complete Charisma ERP solution, offering the company indispensable tools to generate development scenarios and to anticipate market trends.

Another notable benefit is tracking the ongoing investments performed by Cosmote. The company is installing a lot of GSM antennas throughout the entire country, there are many providers for a great number of parts, as well as depreciation plans, and Charisma succeeds to effectively manage all these elements. This was also an important point within the project, upon which it has been insisted very much.

“Charisma intends to run the business, not to follow it. The solution we provide is extremely configurable and, combined with o broad range of functionalities, it gives Cosmote operator the perfect tool to achieve its objectives. In addition to the capability of tracking the fixed assets or performing accurate inventory statistics, Cosmote now also benefits of a complex reporting system, which enables building any reports in order to achieve a global business analysis. Considering the complexity of the project, the implementation time was a record", Daniel Mateescu, Charisma Enterprise Manager.

Case study revised in 2007.

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