Compania de Librării Bucureşti

Charisma HR supports the tradition development of Compania de Librării Bucureşti

The automatic calculation of sick leaves is an extraordinary advantage, as well as that we have implemented the legislation changes in real time. Because the time required for this tasks has reduced a lot, we can focus on the tasks required to staff development, their retraining and professional assessment, respectively

Liliana Niţu, HR Manager

The company
Compania de Librării Bucureşti is one of the most important books and stationery retailers in Romania, and it especially addresses to teenagers via its 60 locations. With 60 years of business celebrated a month ago, a turnover higher than EUR 12 millions in 2008, and 260 employees, CLB is a traditional brand in the Romanian cultural landscape. Since 1997 CLB has become a private company, one of its most important concerns being the modernization process of its locations, sales procedures and IT infrastructure.

The situation
Until 2003, from the IT point of view, human resources and payroll management within CLB meant only the payroll calculation task. The company was using an internally developed application; with this, 4 people were calculating the salaries of the 400 employees the company had, for 2 days. In addition, the frequent changes of the payroll legislation and the need of implementing them, the difficult preparation of fiscal records, as well as the lack of a human resources management base were important reasons that led the company to look for a specialized software solution.
After a market research which indicated Charisma HR as being the application matching its needs, CLB asked for reference from some companies that were using it, and even visited a TotalSoft customer to see the application working live.

The solution
Charisma HR integrates in an unique database the modules specific to personnel, assessments, trainings, payroll, ITM management, also providing multiple reporting capabilities by enabling users to use a standard set of reports (employment contracts management, addenda, fiscal records, pay slips, payrolls, bank registers, certificates, statistics statements, etc.). Moreover, users can configure their own reports according to punctual or usual needs.

Via Charisma HR's payroll module, CLB has automated the payroll calculation in a pretty complex manner, based on a policy of bonuses and penalties, depending on the sales volumes recorded by each bookstore. Practically, the employees of the HR department don't have to manually calculate anymore the sales percentage share going to the wages fund and to allocate it as a percentage to the operational employees based on their salary. This is done by the application via a set of formulas reducing the payroll calculation time to only 4 hours and 2 people involved. In fact, Charisma HR performs the payroll calculation in 5 min, the remaining time being allocated to enter the timesheet items and sales data received from the business units. In the future, the data collection operation shall be fully automated in all sites, once the ERP system - Charisma Enterprise - will be implemented.

The results
After implementing Charisma HR system, the number of people working within the department has decreased, and their related payroll costs as well. This decrease can be extended to the company level as well, the system providing the management with a series of reports regarding the personnel, which could be the basis of some important decisions.  

As an advantage, CLB has now the possibility to manage all the employee data and even a history of these data. In addition, the automatic calculation of annual and sick leaves, the ease of preparing the fiscal records, as well as the automatic data export to be submitted to ITM (Territorial Labor Inspectorate), facilitates a lot the operations within the department. At the moment, with 2 people at the HR department, the company can achieve more than it did before with 4 people.

"I consider the reporting module being a great achievement for us. In a very short time I can configure and get the data I need, which before was very difficult to be done" Liliana Niţu, HR Manager, Compania de Librării Bucureşti.

Case study revised in 2010.

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