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Charisma gives flavor to Vel Pitar products

We are satisfied with the way the implementation went, the results we get, and the analysis we can perform. "Having correct data based on which we can make quick decisions in due time is very important for us. I think that the investment made in Charisma was an excellent decision.

Florin Tătaru, Human Resources Country Manager

The company
Vel Pitar Group is the leader of the Romanian bakery products market and its business is split by three business lines: bakery (Vel Pitar), milling (Sapte Spice) and retail (VP Magassin). For a bakery company, the figures defining it are impressive: 4,600 employees, 5 mill plants, 12 manufacturing units, ensuring a monthly volume of almost 25,000 tons of products, a retail chain of more than 157 stores and a turnover of over EUR 100 millions.

The situation
Without having a professional IT solution that would have made the management of a large number of employees an organized and easy-to-perform process, Vel Pitar was trying hard to run HR&Payroll operations. Processing the information in different formats (e-mail, Excel, prints, etc.), integrating the data required for payroll calculation and personnel management from the 12 locations was a time consuming task, blocking many department resources monthly, for several days.

Without having a consistent software solution, the reports were also difficult to perform, and at the moment of process completion the data were already obsolete.

Vel Pitar was looking for a stable solution, which it could rely on and that would not cause any problems. The company also wanted for the solution to be experienced in implementations in companies with similar business field. After a market research, Vel Pitar chose TotalSoft's Charisma HCM.

The solution
TotalSoft has deployed at Vel Pitar a complete solution including the payroll, management, training, recruitment, assessment, reports modules and HCM Portal, a web module which facilitates the communication between the department and the employees. Through this module, the employees can check their pay slip, the results of assessments, can set off potential errors regarding personal data, etc., which means a relief for the HR department regarding time consuming tasks.

The most complex part of the project is supported by Charisma HCM application' payroll module and returns a complex payroll calculation, specific to this business field, where one can find all the compensations provided by our law (week-end compensations, leave days depending on personnel category, etc.).

Reports are now also much easier to get, in a centralized manner; one now has the certitude that the information is correct and that the payroll calculation time is a few days shorter. The costs and the department' personnel chart have been reduced, and many resources have been redirected to other tasks. And all these were possible only a month after Vel Pitar started working live with Charisma HCM.

"November 2007 was the first month to work exclusively on Charisma and it was unexpectedly easy to close the month", Mr. Tătaru remembers. "Although it was a new software for our people, we managed to close the month sooner than we did with the old one, which we were using for many years."

In the future, the company intends to implement a timesheet application as well, which will help to directly link the timesheet to the application.

Vel Pitar also insists on the permanent personnel assessment and development process, investing time and effort in "raising" its employees.  

"Charisma is providing us a very accurate record of our trainings, of the people involved, of the history, costs and assessments. We can analyze much easier the career path of a person, and what we have to do to keep him/her in the company and to use him/her to his/her full potential."

Case study revised in 2008.

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