No medical clinic can be efficient without an integrated information system

The main issue with laboratory services was time. Issuing the patient test results was taking too long. The readiness of these services is still another challenge for the efficiency of each laboratory. Piles of results were gathering, and they had to be sent via fax. Of course, sending via regular mail was also time-consuming. Now, validated results can be quickly accessed, over the Internet

Virgil Ivan, General Manager

The company
With over 13 years of activity in the Romanian market, Medicover provides medical services with the help of 450 physicians and nurses to 70000 subscribers in 1500 companies. The partner network is made up of 60 clinics from all districts in the country.

Medicover is one of the most important medical groups in Central and Eastern Europe, performing its activity in countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia or Poland.

The situation
For a private clinic, efficiency is not only a matter of life and death in what regards patients, but also one of profitability. The informatization of an information laboratory is more important that in other Health Sectors because there are various processes that need extremely quick informatization. Thus, laboratories involve a huge volume of patients that generates a huge volume of tests. The identification, traceability and security of these are essential and it is a matter of privacy and efficiency increase, so that costs would be lower.

Due to the increase of business, and thus, an increase in the number of patients, Medicover has distinguished the need for implementing an information system that would increase the efficiency of the activity, reduce the time for processing laboratory analyses, reduce operational costs and, of course, increase the reaction speed and transparency in the relationship with the partners of the clinic. All these requirements have a single objective: to increase patient satisfaction, and thus ensure their loyalty.

The solution

After an analysis of market competencies, Medicover decided on the provider: TotalSoft. Specialists of the two companies have joined efforts to evaluate and establish internal processes within the clinic. Furthermore, the implemented software solution was developed according to the specific business of Medicover. Thus, all company requirements, starting from contract or profitability modules to patient tracking, have been done according to customer needs. Among these, EMR was implemented for the first time in Romania; this is a solution based on which the physician can access the patient medical history, from results to diagnosis, through a browser.

"The integration of an information system also includes knowing very well the people that would be working with it, because after all, these people will be the ones managing the system. We have expressed all our requirements and they have put them into practice with the help of a professional team. We have become a family, we know our strong and weak points. We are integrated with TotalSoft, even at human level" said Virgil Ivan, General Manager of Synevo (part of Medicover).

The results
The eight Medicover laboratories at national level currently work in a unitary network. The Lab Module integrated in the TotalSoft solution is developed for physicians and laboratory customers. When a patient is sent for investigations, the physician can see the results, regardless of his/her location. We can say that, due to the huge volume of investigations, as an entity, the laboratory gets closer to the industrial area. 16000 analyses are processed daily in the eight laboratories. Results for more than a half of these must be ready in three hours. Because Medicover has laboratories in 6 Romanian hospitals, response time for these must be smaller than for patients that are in ambulatory care.

TotalSoft has also implemented the same solution in the three Medicover clinics in Bucharest and Foc┼čani. Furthermore, the solution has also been successful abroad, and TotalSoft won the bid organized in 2002 by Medicover International in Poland for the informatization of all clinics and laboratories in Central and Eastern Europe. Later on, the company has implemented the integrated system dedicated to health in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia.

"There is no such thing as real and efficient business without a solution such as the one from TotalSoft. A report of costs versus receipts can be performed at any time, and it has to be the best if the business is to be profitable. This control cannot be performed without a proper information system" Virgil Ivan, General Manager of Synevo (part of Medicover).
Article published in 2005.

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