Tasky is a stand-alone application that can be easily synchronized with other professional planning solutions (like MS Outlook), thus providing ample opportunity for transfer or update of the progress of the daily activities. Conceived as a collaborative application, Tasky simplifies the tracking of these activities, grouping them into categories, assigning and replanning them according to priority alerts or exceeded deadlines.

The application’s simple and intuitive menu has been developed in English in order to be easily used by people from all over the world.

The product is available through the AppStore for only 0.99 USD: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tasky/id434375523?mt=8#.


Task timeline

The application enables task planning and viewing depending on the timeframe, files or importance.

If users choose to view tasks depending on their timeframe, the first category displayed on the screen will be the one including overcome tasks, the other categories displayed referring to tasks that have no deadline or must be completed in the present/ future.

Quick task introduction

Tasks can be introduced quickly, directly from the application, which can also be transmitted via email. The application provides default values for deadlines that can be further configured by users.
In addition, the application provides automatic contextual data (date, time, category task).

Completed tasks are automatically archived.

Users can view the number of tasks to be completed without opening the application, due to the fact that a label with their number is available on the application’s icon.

Tasks groups

The application allows grouping tasks on predefined user files. In each group, users can only view the related current and completed tasks.


Search engine

The application allows the advanced search of tasks by means of a search engine.

Notifications and alerts

Users may choose to be notified on overcoming a task’s deadline, this functionality being available even when the application is not open.

The alarm sound can be configured by the user.


Users may choose to access the application based on a personal identification number (PIN), thus limiting access to their personal list of tasks.

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