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The productivity of sales persons is a crucial factor in the evolution of an organization. The agility of the company, translated through decision speed and mobility, is only possible with the help of powerful software solutions, developed on the latest technologies, able to support the need for agility and efficiency of the sales forces. 

With the help of Charisma Mobile SFA, the management has now full, real-time visibility on the sales process. The solution tailors to each organization, regardless its size or business field, by automating the sales processes. Thanks to its perfect integration with Charisma ERP or with any other ERP or CRM system, the solution completes and optimizes the management, operational, marketing and the company's commercial strategy flow.

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Charisma Mobile SFA (Sales Force Automation) is a solution intended to automate and increase the efficiency of the sales process, providing the sales forces on the field with all the required information, anytime anywhere. The solution enables the order retrieval, the tracking and control of inventory, order flows, customer management, sales forecast, as well as employee performance assessment. In addition, the solution is available on Windows Mobile, iOS and Android.

Financial and operational benefits:

  • Increases the sales force productivity, the profitability and market share at company level;
  • Reduces the internal costs;
  • Maximizes customer satisfaction in a short time;
  • Eliminates the redundant data entry effort;
  • Provides top management with real-time visibility of the sales processes;
  • Advanced integration with Charisma ERP or any other ERP/CRM system;
  • Complements and streamlines the administrative, operational, marketing and strategic flows of the business.


  • Travel routes planning and optimization;

  • Customer and contract management. Manages and highlights the customer and contract portfolio per agent. 
  • Order management. Records online orders and automatically loads them into the back-office system. Automatically proposes the order based on the customer history. Retrieves orders as "order collection-delivery" and "van-sales". 

  • Delivery management. Management of the required and actual stock from the vehicle.
  • Invoice management. 
    • Instantly issues invoices and/or notices, returns, records and assigns receipts from customers.
    • On spot invoice printing with mobile printers.
  • Management of the credit limit for each customer, with exceedance warning before or during acquisition orders;
  • Management of special offers defined in the back-office system, with different applicability according to time, partner, partners hierarchy, categories of items, item and quantity of the item or total order;
  • Task management. Determines and offers mobile support for standard work routes, as well as for daily, weekly, monthly agendas per each sales person. 
  • 3G or WiFi synch with the back-end webservice;
  • Reports. Include:
    • Client orders grouped by client, location, item, period
    • Receipts recorded grouped by client, location, period, revenue type
    • Unpaid invoices grouped by client, location, invoice number, due date.
  • Price lists. Displays prices for each item in stock.
  • Integrated information and decisional base. Permanently accesses useful reports on the mobile device. The sales person is immediately notified about the promotions launched by the company, with the help of the newsletters.
  • Minimizes the sales cycle. Helps to complete the orders with instant sale by using connections via Bluetooth with cash registers or printers for generating receipts or fiscal invoices.
  • Advanced integration. The mobile device is integrated with the back-office system for bi-directional updating the data about customers, contracts, invoices, payments, travel routes and daily agenda.
  • Base for marketing analyses. Trends, forecasts and sales processes and issues with the help of surveys filled in by customers.

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"... In March 2013, the company chose Charisma ERP to manage the retail and distribution activities.  The focus was laid on optimizing the stock replenishment process for a better sales activity and on improving the speed of response to the customer requirements. ..."

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