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Mobile Portfolio Management

Charisma Mobile Portfolio Management is an on-line solution that addresses top management, as well as people in management positions for the monitoring of real-time statuses of projects. Permanently connected to the financial and non-financial data from Charisma back-office or any other project management and procurement system (ERP, CRM, Primavera etc.), the portable solution on the iPad offers maximum mobility and a cellular graphics visualization of business active projects.


  • Graphical cell view - Users benefit from a graphical and intuitive view of financial and non-financial information afferent to each active project or subcontractor: project name, project value, aggregate contract value, invoiced amount, outstanding invoiced amounts, project start date, activities end date, estimated time of completion, percentage of project completion;
  • Graphical alerts for delayed and future milestones;
  • Cash flow graph, with an overview of the last 30 days, as well as a forecast for the next 30 days;
  • Graphic details, real costs and afferent weights in a project, broken down by sub-contractors, materials, labor, equipment, transport and others;
  • Increased visibility of each project resource/ cost type - Charisma Mobile Portfolio Management details each type of cost, highlighting the total amount, weight of that type in the project’s total costs, tabular representation of the same costs, along with the real vs. planned costs, the amount invoiced, paid, outstanding billing and payment amount;
  • Visibility on critical events needed to track the project's performance - The solution has a graphic timeline that displays the project’s milestones for a quick view of the real situation vs. the planned one. Also, delayed and planned events are reported graphically and tabulated, with filter options such as: number of days late, value, outstanding amount etc.;
  • Remote location in case of theft - In case of loss or theft, TotalSoft provided several ways to protect and recover users data, including the remote device’s blocking and data removal through a web application launched by Apple for accessing the device based on user and password, as well as device location via on-line maps.


Financial and operational benefits 

Permanent mobility and connectivity
Charisma Mobile Portfolio Management provides a permanent visualization tool of the financial information (Revenues, costs, cash flow), deliverables and activities statuses that contribute to the project’s milestone achievement. In a creative, flexible and fast manner, engineers or project managers have secure access to cell site analysis, graphical indicators and data split on periods of time to make the best decisions directly on the iPad.
Efficient and secure remote implementation
For the applications available on iPad, TotalSoft has an important advantage, given by Apple, which allows the company to change the classic implementation of a business to business solution and provide clients with a fast installation, by direct download of both applications and version updates.

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