Mobile EMR

Charisma Mobile EMR software solution is dedicated exclusively to the medical personnel, primarly to doctors and nurses, aimed at easing their access to the electronic medical records (EMR) of all patients, analysis outcomes and diagnoses, regardless of the patient’s position (emergency unit, room or any other place within the medical unit). The solution can also be integrated with any other medical activity management application that includes a module dedicated to electronic medical records.


  • Complete overview of  Full received or performed visits situation – new patients, outpatients, assignments, alerts according to case priorities;

  • Integrated patient management – data are transferred direclty from the CMS server, and according to changes performed on the PC tablet they are submitted to the system for continuous update;
  • Extended patient history categories – the application provides details on patient’s record such as their position within the clinic (ward, room, bed), case history, allergies and diagnoses, treatment (start date/ end date, drug type/ quantity, administration type / frequency), laboratory requests (analysis type, processing status, detailed result, analysis report), visit program (date, frequency, doctor, specialty, current status – performed/ not performed) or attachments to the observation sheet;
  • Medical report analysis generation and import;
  • Quick search in the database and definition of new patients or their discharge.

Mobile EMR software.

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