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Mobile Medical Software

Charisma Mobile Medical Software is an on-line system that provides mobility, financial and non-financial information to managers of medical units, laboratories and hospitals, with multiple locations or business lines and in different geographical areas. The application can be integrated both with TotalSoft’s medical and financial management solutions (Charisma Medical Software and Charisma ERP) and other similar information systems.

Thus, managers can make smart decisions, having access by means of a simple mobile device, to comparative analysis (budgeted vs. done) for each medical unit, exact situation of prepaid contracts, report of mostly requested services or doctors’ schedules on each location, all these data being automatically withdrawn from the information system that manages the entire activity of the medical services provider.


  • Financial stability indicator per clinic/laboratory – performance indicators of each medical unit are analyzed, while differences that must be covered in order to achieve preset goals are determined;

  • Advance filter on aggregate revenues according to the clinic or laboratory’s specialty (gynecology, ophthalmology, radiology, ENT);
  • Temporal comparative analysis, with advanced displayed data – for each specialty the services performed can be viewed: data on number of patients, visits completed, referrals, information on previous contracts;
  • Detailed financial analysis at service level – patients, visits, referrals;
  • Revenues, costs, profitability, number of visits and wards that have performed services according to contracts concluded and breakdown of contract revenues.

Mobile Medical Software.

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