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Access to health services can be a time consuming task given that it involves a whole stream: scheduling consultations, laboratory test results, diagnosis, treatment, revaluation of health after the treatment completion. In a fast speed society, providing your customer with easy access to health services, gives you a competitive advantage. 

Charisma Mobile MedCare is a mobile application that runs on iOS and Android operating systems, which provides users with easy access to a range of information on doctors schedule, appointments, laboratory test results or diagnosis and treatments.
Financial and operational benefits

Reduces scheduling time
The application provides the possibility to view in real time all information necessary for an appointment (doctor, specialist, clinic, time) and set it directly in the application. Thus, visiting the medical unit or scheduling the appointment online are avoided, while time is being saved.

Fast laboratory results
The system allows laboratory tests to be transmitted via e-mail; they can also be accessed directly from the application by using mobile phones with access to internet. 
Increases customer satisfaction
Visiting the medical unit or scheduling the appointment online are avoided, while time is being saved. Customers have the possibility to make an appointment based on preferences; hence, their satisfaction and loyalty are increased.
  • Helps customers make appointments directly in the application: based on a list of options customer can choose the preferred city, specialty, clinic, doctor and time.


  • Allows customer to edit their appointments - patients can filter their appointments according to specialty, doctor, city and clinic and can edit any information he wishes. 

  • Allows displaying all doctors' schedules - patients can check any doctor's working schedule, for a certain specialty and clinic;
  • Allows displaying and transmitting laboratory results – the laboratory results can be viewed directly in the application; once they become available, they are sent automatically to the patients' mobile devices.
  • Provides the possibility to view and print medical prescriptions - the application allows customers to request a new medical prescription in case they need it;
  • Allows customers to view their medical subscription, including free or paid medical services  (it displays price lists for each medical service);
  • Allows clinics and laboratories display their promotions (list and detail) and inform customers about them with custom messages;
    • “Order” button allows the acquisition of any of the promotions or discounts listed by the medical services provider.

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