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Mobile Gamification for Sales

Mobility is one of the main directions of the IT industry, mainly by borrowing concepts and skills specific to the consumers sector. Thus, by refining business processes and access to information anywhere and anytime, mobility ensures a high level of productivity for any category of employees who perform field work.

Charisma Mobile Gamification for Sales is a customer relationship management that combines native CRM principles with those specific for games; the goal is to increase  employees’ involvement, fast return on investment in the computer system used by the company, increased quality of data collected and not least, the degree to which the sales team learns about the products.

For more information about our solution, please consult the Servier Pharma Study case or leave us a message using the following form: Contact form.


Financial and operational benefits

  • Increases sales force productivity
    • Supports the sales force with real-time access to customer data from any mobile device connected to the Internet;
    • Provides better preparation opportunities for the sales team when meeting customers, through quick and easy access to an "online bookstore" where they can download, send, modify or use real-time marketing materials; and company presentations..
    • Manages promotional materials stock, records items received by each agent and their use.
  • Increases the relevance of formal and informal training processes
    • Facilitates employees’ cohesion to organizational culture and goals by publishing procedures, internal policies and activity standards;
    • Encourages and promotes desirable behaviors and outcomes through rewards such as points, badges, levels, discounts, virtual coins, trophies etc.
  • Improves internal communication and collaboration between employees
    • Organizes and publishes in an intuitive form sales agents’ profiles (personal information, phone book, organizational chart, etc.) and their roles in the organization;
    • Provides consistent information on the status of projects, activities and sales agents’ objectives by means of rankings and notifications updated in real time, thus increasing competition between agents;
    • Use e-mail, chat or forum for sharing best practices, rapid communication and transparent manager-employee feedback on activities undertaken in the application;
    • Using the application on mobile devices with touch screens provides a high level of ergonomics and intuitiveness, which makes use of technology more enjoyable.
    • The application has a visual interface, intuitive and easy to understand by any type of user (including non-technical), without the need for additional prior training.
  • Increases customer / partners satisfaction
    • Provides a short response time to customer requests when sales team is on the move;
    • Supports sales force in harnessing new sales opportunities (up-sell and cross-sell) through processing and continuously updating requests from potential customers;
  • Allows measurement of company's success in relation to market standards, targets and sales forecasts
    • The solution can be integrated with various applications that import data from secure or public studies;
    • Ensures accurate forecasting on sales estimates by introducing into the application complete data about prospects, accounts, opportunities, contract values;
    • Allows an audit of the promotional materials by recording and analyzing preferences / behaviors about consumers (duration of customer visits, of presentations on a particular product / information about a product)
  • Identifies and records the best sales agents by tracking the performance indicators in real time;
  • Complements and optimizes the flow of administrative, operational, marketing and business strategy of the company;
  • Reduces operational costs by eliminating the use of paper and physical media for information distributed.




Charisma Mobile Gamification for Sales uses different techniques and mechanisms specific to games that involve and encourage productive behavior of the sales force, such as:

  • Points and badges. Points can be used to motivate and reward desirable actions of agents when interacting with customer sales, or the efficient and correct operation of the systems. For example:
    • Compliance with the rules on data entry about prospects, accounts, opportunities, value of contracts (name, turnover, number of employees, associated contacts, realistic estimates etc.) into the CRM system;
    • Employees' contributions to improving marketing materials, best practices in the resource center.
  • Game levels. Achieving certain levels of the game can stimulate rapid closure of centralized contracts by tracking sales activities.
    • Eg.: sending an offer, setting a discount according to company’s commercial policies, the number of contracts signed, clients / new industries portfolio, etc.
  • Missions and challenges. They can be used to reward team members for completing difficult sales objectives, either individually or at group level.
    • Eg.: contracts with values above certain thresholds, expanding portfolio of representative clients, achievement / exceeding a sales volume in certain regions / products / services to which different teams are assigned.
  • Leaderboards provide comparability in terms of performance and motivate participants to increase the involvement and competitiveness.
  • Alerts and notifications in real time on team members’ activities, team or company results etc.
  • Progress bar is a visible, easily identifiable manner of "labeling" employees who have reached a certain level and actions / best practices that have fostered the advancement.

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"... Inevitably, the employees of Servier Pharma are more productive: the applications are more intuitive, the operation requires less time, the information is consolidated on a single device and marketing materials are available immediately. When one has to deliver 10-12 presentations a day, these facilities surely make you more efficient. ..."
Laurențiu Bogdan,
IT Manager Servier Pharma
Servier Pharma


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