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Charisma Mobile eCare is a mobile application that runs on iOS and Android operating systems, which provides users with easy access to a range of information on the leasing contracts that they have signed with a particular leasing company.

The application includes four main menus:
here the user will find all messages sent by the leasing company about financial statuses including contract status, invoice balance, payment terms, letters of empowerment etc. Messages can include attachments such as invoice copies. Thus, when issuing a new invoice, the customer will be able to access detailed content of the invoice in .pdf format and can record a series of actions with a simple click. Possible actions:
Record payment confirmation – by filling in a short form with information in the OP or a scan of the original document or a photograph taken with the mobile phone camera.
  • Record payment promise - for one or more outstanding invoices; thus, customers will no longer receive messages from the collection department of the leasing company until the payment’s deadline.
  • Make payment - integration with online payment service (this feature will be provided by each leasing company).
  • Each document attached can also be saved in other external applications such as Dropbox and can be sent easily via e-mail to other recipients.
It is the main application menu. It includes the following sections:
  • Unpaid invoices - this section contains a list of all unpaid invoices or partly paid up to date. The customer can enter each invoice in part to see further details, and can initiate any of the actions described above.
  • Invoice history - This section contains a list of all invoices issued on a contract and sorted in reverse chronological order, from most recent to oldest one. Each invoice shall be accompanied by a traffic light colored indicator showing whether it has been paid in full, partially or it is completely unpaid.
  • Payment history – this section contains a list of all payments made on the entire contract period and sorted in reverse chronological order.  
  • Financial status of the leasing contracts (read-only information that summarizes the financial value of each contract, the amount refunded by the contract to the current date and the monthly invoice date, according to which is automatic notifications are sent to customers).
It includes an additional list of possible actions leasing customers might undertake:
  • Empowerments – for each leasing file, the customer may request empowerments to travel by car abroad (the object of the leasing contract). By filling in a simple form, the customer considerably shortens the interaction time with the leasing company staff. Once the request is approved, the letter will be received as an attachment in the Messages menu. Thus, the client will not have to print the empowerment letter anymore; it can only be saved in the mobile phone.
  • Claims centers – this feature helps the customer find the nearest claims center and can get directions to the location with the help of the interagted navigation application installed on the mobile device.
  • Early contract termination – notifies the leasing company on the client's intention to terminate the leasing contract before the initial deadline.
This is the application’s setup menu (change password).

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