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Mobile Cell Monitor

The management team's valuable time lost on reports and analysis created from heterogeneous sources or due to lack of communication can be saved now by a robust, easy-to-use tool for comparative business analysis.

Charisma Cell Monitor is a modern, extremely fast and latest technology visually user-friendly solution that was especially designed to provide the top management with the health of the company in real figures and views. By integrating with Charisma ERP Business Suite or with any other enterprise resource planning system, Charisma Cell Monitor is permanently connected to the organization's data sources and provides the best high level decision or information base.
Charisma Cell Monitor is the graphic, user-friendly and updated view of your organization. Without any user intervention, the company's performance or operational indicators change their values per second, according to their actual progress and can be accessed anytime, anywhere, via any type of mobile device with Internet access.

Financial and operational benefits

Reduces the analysis time of the company's performance

Thanks to the permanent, real-time updating based on any change in the organization's integrated information system, but also thanks to the extended possibilities of online connection, the management or the authorized persons can query in real time any interest financial or non-financial performance indicator.

Synthetic view of the performance indicators
The default performance indicators are displayed in an intuitive and easy-to-understand format in order to quickly highlight the high performance and low performance business segments. The solution uses scalar indicators and data series or matrix for perfectly covering the information requisition at top management level.

Latest technology
The tool uses the latest technologies, retrieving, analyzing and showing relevant information based on comparative situational cells. This product is recommended for any business area, regardless its size, business field or its organization (distribution, retail, financial services, multi-location, multi-department, multi-product);

Reduces the operational costs
Thanks to direct access, available 24/7 and updated per second for the view of sales, support services or various operations, the solution significantly reduces the loading of the performance analysis departments or managers that now can access all the information with a single click. The data monitoring is done at general and/or location level (store, city, department, regions, business lines, etc.), centralized or detailed, as quantity and/or amount, according to the specific or the needs of each single company.


Features for Sales

  • Cellular view of the company’s sales, grouped according to three criteria: active stores, partner types (individual or legal person clients, legal person, vendor, employee supplier etc.) or item types (goods, income);
  • Quick sales performance indicators on each cell:
    • Graphic of total sales/ analysis month vs. established target for the period, for each cell (store/ partner type/ item type);
    • Sales total value vs. Target for each (store/ partner type/ item type);
    • No. units sold vs. Target for each cell (store/ partner type/ item type);
    • Performance percentage.
  • Filter options according to cell name (store/ partner type/ item type);
  • Detailed view of the sales status for each cell:
    • Total sales per current month vs. target for the same period, with performance indicator automatically calculated;
    • Graphical view of total daily sales vs. target;
    • Graphical view of total monthly sales vs. same period of the previous year;
    • “Pie” graphical view of the best sold products for each type of analyzed cell (store, partner type, item type);
    • Detailed overview of sales on products, both quantitative and qualitative, vs. Target.


Features for Financial Services & Leasing

  • Complete overview of company performance, split on three main business lines:
    • New Business;
    • Current Portfolio;
    • Non-performing Loans.
  • Advanced filtering options (item/ partner type);
  • Detailed view of loan portfolio on types of items and payment intervals;
  • Planned vs. achieved reports, for a pre-established timeframe, or years, months, year to date.


Features for Medical Services

  • Allows medical staff to view a full picture of the unit’s patients, alongisde relevant information such as:
    • New patients, patients discharged, patients assigned to doctors;
    • Patient and case history;
    • Medical tests in progress, laboratory results;
    • Appointments.
  • Extended patient history categories: allergies, diagnoses, treatment, laboratory requests, visits scheduled, observation sheets, attached documents;
  • Generate/import laboratory test reports;
  • Quick database search.


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