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Charisma Analyzer is a Business Intelligence tool, providing advanced analysis of performance indicators, detailed reports and dashboards in an intuitive graphical manner and aimed at supporting the company’s strategic decision making process. Charisma Analyzer addresses all activity fields providing support in forecasting and calibration of operations of any organization, regardless of its size or complexity.

Charisma Mobile Analyzer is natively integrated with Charisma ERP and embeds the most well performing technology in the world developed by Tableau Software, the BI software solutions market leader due to efficient implementation and adaptability to customer requirements. Basically, even users that are less familiar with BI software applications can become productive in a very short period of time, with no technical training required.

Benefits and features:

  • Faster, one click-away distance reports. Charisma Mobile Analyzer brings the advantage of high speed in data processing and visualization, providing more results with less effort.
    • Just drag and drop and your analyses have changed. Then just a few more clicks and trends or critical points are highlighted.
    • Zoom in and zoom out - all areas that allow this feature can be enlarged or reduced by using the fingers.
    • Content viewing and filtering - the application allows the user to filter and view data published by author, project or date. You can view and search comments saved in the application and display data as lists or thumbnails.
    • Dynamic scroll - the application allows all pages to be scrolled from left to right or top to bottom, by simply moving the finger on the surface of the mobile device.


  • Flexible and easy to use solution. The solution enables real-time visualization of each change and provides automatic formatting of columns and rows for the creation of complex dashboards.
  • Authentication. There’s no need to create a separate version for the mobile device. Once an analysis is published in Charisma Analyzer Server, it can be immediately accessed and processed from mobile devices;
  • High level of security, regardless of the type of device or user.


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