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Why Charisma Medical Software

Complete end-to-end solution
Charisma Medical Software covers all the internal processes within any type of state or private, local or international medical institution, regardless its size or complexity. 

The experience and expertise of the implementation team
The unique experience of Charisma experts is based on a vast number of complex implementations in national or multinational medical institutions, integrating and offering business processes and best practices used in the largest hospitals, clinics or laboratories existing on the Romanian market.

Advanced modularity, scalability and adaptability
The modules of Charisma Medical Software can work standalone or together, and can be integrated with any other ERP, Human Resources or BI solution within Charisma Business Suite. This exceptional modularity, as well as the use of the most modern software technologies and architectures enables a remarkable adaptability to the specific of each single institution. Furthermore, the integration of hospitals with multiple locations, multi-language interfaces or multi-currency calculations offer an unique, transparent image on the activity of the institution.

Quick and transparent access to the system
The latest technology enables the secured access via Web, anytime, anywhere. The access in done based on the access rights preconfigured according to the internal security policy of the institution, depending on each type of user involved in the medical process.


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