Surgery Ward

Surgery Ward Module is aimed at operating rooms & surgery blocks and provides users the possibility to organize processes and to collect a data series necessary for reporting.

Financial and Operational Benefits

Process organization
Allows scheduling of surgery wards and necessary medical personnel, thus streamlining the use of hospital resources

Data collecting for surgery wards
Allows specific data collection activities conducted under this type of division and the reporting to the DRG system.


  • Scheduling surgery wards with multiple resources of different types: surgery wards, doctors, nurses, equipment;
  • Allows transfer to and from the Intensive Care ward or surgery ward from other wards;
  • Allows data recording from pre-surgery and post-surgery states;
  • Allows recording of performed surgeries with all necessary details: surgery details, surgery protocol, surgical interventions, performed procedures, material usage, prescribed  medication, billed services;
  • Allows viewing of patients’ electronic medical record;
  • Allows working with hospital pharmacies via its ledger sheets processing capability;
  • Integrates with Imaging Module: allows the posibillity to view the patients’ imaging and attached documents;
  • Allows printing of forms required for surgery.


Some of the customers who use the Surgery Ward module


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