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Self Service Portal

Medical services delivery can be a time consuming activity, given that it involves a whole stream of activities: scheduling consultations, submitting to testing, diagnosis and treatment determination, revaluation of health status at treatment completion etc.

The Self Service Portal software is a web portal which can be adress by both patients and physicians for fast browsing of the steps outlined above. Through this portal, patients can schedule their visits to doctors, view the results of tests undergone and get details on diagnosis, treatment etc. Physicians can view examinations, transmit test results undergone by patients and answer any questions related to treatment and diagnosis.

Financial and Operational Benefits

Reduces scheduling time
By allowing real time visualization of all information necessary for an appointment (physicians, specialist, clinic, time) and possiblity to make an appointment through the web portal, the patient saves time by not being necessary to go to the medical unit.
Reduce laboratory test results transmition time
The system allows the transmission of laboratory test results via Internet; they can be accessed by patients directly from a web interface at any time, from anywhere.
Increases customer satisfaction
Due to the possibility of viewing and programming services online, customers save time as they can be programmed according to their preferences in terms of doctors or specializations, thus increasing their satisfaction and loyalty for the services provided.

Facilitates communication between doctors and patients
The website allows messaging between doctors and patients, reducing time necessary to obtain a clarification of medical test results or diagnosis.

Increases efficiency of the physician’s activity
Through the possibility to view all examinations scheduled in real time and transmit online the diagnosis, treatment or answers to patients questions, physicians can reduce the time required to perform routine activities.

Reduces time needed for accessing medical information
The system allows viewing all information about a patient and it can send recommendations or prescriptions through the portal.


  • Facilitates examination planning by patient, the patient having the possibility to establish it through this portal, based on a list of possible options such as city, specialty, clinic, doctor and scheduling time;
  • Allows cancellation of appointments  – the patient can filter his scheduling list according to specialty, physician, city and clinic and may choose to cancel any of them;
  • Provides visulization of doctors working hours –patient can view the opening hours of a physician, with a particular specialty from the clinic where he/she wants to make an appointment;

  • Allows the possiblity to change details of the patient - information such as address, phone numbers, e-mail can be edited;
  • Allows the viewing and transmission of test results – doctors can record analyses references and their results for each patient and examination;
  • Provides a complete picture of patient’s medical history at any time and anywhere, simply by accessing a web browser;
  • Enables viewing and printing the medical prescriptions - if the patient needs issurance and printing of a new copy of the same prescription for further treatment, module allows the application for new prescriptions;
  • Allows messaging between doctors and patients, thus facilitating communication between the two entities;
  • Provides registration and printing of the medical record and prescription by request;

Some of the customers who use Portal Self Service software

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